aska bug

i just buying aska from one time offer and try out it, the bugs happened when you raid using wolf, monk and witch doctor at first the witch doctor will spawn correctly, but after sometimes everytime when aska use summon the witch doctor/necromancer will appears as werewolf lol, so when near gate i will get tons of werewolf where most of them actually is necromancer/witch doctor lol???, this bug is so funny


edit: apparently all the unit that is spawn is spawned correctly, only when got summoned by aska, does not if it is monk, oger, cannon or whatever unit will come as werewolf lol lol lol, i just try different combination monk, oger and cannon, and all become werewolf???


PS: i have not try froster, mancer, knight, archer, vikings and mortar, so i still cannot tell if it will also become werewolf lol

Sounds like you got it from scratch and dent isle.

you think you got problems,mine leaves a smell like cat food when it farts ??

what system do you play on,working fine on win10 mobile.

(a phrase you don’t often see used here!)

On android jellybean, have not tried on windiws 10. Thank you, i will try on win 10

Your Aska might be drunk. Mine is fine - no strange summonings. 

this is the video that i am uploading to youtube where i dont spawn any werewolf yet aska keep summoning werewolf, btw is on win10


I saw a post somewhere saying that the Aska pal gives priority to the first unit on your combo.

So, it just spawns Werewolves over and over again.

I used to think in the past the the pal randomized the summoned units, but this confirms quite the opposite.

It always summons the first one (if it exhausts the pal ability morale cost)  :slight_smile:

thank you ShadowGuardian for explaining me how aska works, now i know how to use aska and put the units that i need most at the prioritize place :slight_smile:


edit: confirmed aska will only summon the first of your units, so basically it will prioritize any units that a player put in the 1st place ? and summon it to the same amount of aska summon morale, ie: if you put cannon in the 1st place aska will summon 3 cannon each time it used it’s ability, if you put archers it will summon 8 archers directly, and so on

No problem man, glad to help :slight_smile:  

We wouldn’t be asking these questions if we had a wikia fully maintained by Flare with up to date info…

But you know how things are