Aska Event for all Players

Hi I’m a level 115+ king and I haven’t get Aska pet till now.
Some one said I have to buy that most expensive 7500 gems chest to get my Aska.
Meanwhile several mid-level kings (below lvl.100) at gaming groups said they got their Aska for free from daily/calendar chests, some get multiple Aska… they are free players (read: never pay a dime on this game). And I got none.
Well I’m not the richest-biggest spender at this game but I do pay, buy gems several times, spent hundreds dollars in total (yeah still less than $1000) in 3 years for this game.
Feels NOT FAIR if free players could obtain Aska for FREE; but I couldn’t, FG forced me to buy that most expensive pet chest.
We need Aska pet event, for fairness for all players.


Actually, Aska event makes it to where all the players that worked hard for gems to earn the pal chests which, in turn, held Aska in their midst, get all that work for NOTHING. Personally I hate Pal events, they are just an excuse for flare to get an event out there in the game and then it goes and ruins all your hard work, can’t stand it. What’s the point in playing if everything is basically handed to you on a silver platter

I got Aska in december from an uber pal chest (I think) so it’s obtainable, though I myself thought otherwise until that point, by the same casino rules as everything else in the game.

No need to spend any money. You can obtain all pals for free. Just be patient and open Uber Pal chest from daily rewards or if you have 20% and more skulls perk. You can obtain over 10 Uber Pals chest in a month. I got from there for free Howl,Kaiser,Irmgard and many more. 

assume uber pal chest you are talking about hte ones that give random pal guaranteed:

1 per month from daily reward.
2 wars per month, 1 (or 2 max on bonus chest wars) = 2-3 chest

how do you get 10 pal chest a month from that?

Correction. You get 2 per month in the daily rewards

Why asking an aska event? Just ask to give aska to everyone. As a result, flare will nerf the pal and make it useless.  

Nope, some players (including myself) should wait to get it. If I never get it, so be it. I don’t ask for a compensation. 

No I don’t.

I get one that has uber pal food, one that has pet inside.

is your rewards different? I think you are confused just because they are both ‘uber’ but only 1 gives pal.

Exactly, only last uber pal chest on daily map gives a pal. The other might give a pal, but it doesn’t have to be. The altered Christmas chests had a pal.

For the record, my pal chest so far only had Archimedes, Panda, Wolf and Buil so far.

Just 1 guarantees a pal, the other one mostly pal treats. And Aska is not the rarest pal in the game, I believe Nidhogg is rarer, most players who have it bought the 1 time offer I guess. Anyway there will be a point where diverse strategies will come up, Nidhogg was once considered the best pal to ever exist, and now it’s used by few as Aska and Ceres overshadow it. And to be very frank, I was delighted to get Aska, but due to so much hype, while raiding it was kinda a disappointment.

I have just gotten my Aska, was super excited even though I expected i would still be using kaiser on my strong set / gold set.
I like that I have the option of variety and something different to test and play.

Still need to learn to use and gear up to use him properly, but so far while he spawns more troops, the additional troops just don’t have the raw damage kaiser pumps out.
He is a nice safety net though, can lose most of your army at u-turn and still build one back up.

He is a definitely welcome addition, and can say the play style i enjoy more than pushing kaiser around!!

I switched from Kaiser to Aska pretty flawlessly, despite dreading to lose Kaiser’s edge over towers and skellies. But all it took was a slight change in tactics and I was beating bases I couldn’t beat with the cat. And it definetly made getting 100% easier when the gate isn’t sonic blasted right off the bat.

Aska summons the far left unit, right?


You have both wrong. I never got treats in the Uber Pals Chest in daily rewards.  Always get Tammy,Archimedes and that why I have obtain there Bucky,Kaiser,Irmgard and unlock others pals. I have never seen since Flare have add this chest in the rewards pals treats. when I said never believe me its never. Where you think I take my donation pals? not the free pal chest. Never got a pal in the free one but via the Uber daily always.

You have more chance in the last one to unlock a new pal but the first one can also give old one like Tammy,Archimedes and Howl,etc…


this screenshot show I have got 6 pals via Uber Pals chests. I have return active only since November. So in November,December and now in 3 month or close. 6 pals and with Holiday Chests. So for me its 100% pals in all chests


Aska summons units for a total of 16 morale. It can be any composition of your three units that the game deems sufficient to the total morale. I have cannon, monk, archblaster so it summons 1 monk and 1 cannon = 15 morale. It could summon 4xarchblaster for 16 morale but it doesn’t. It will summon 1 wolf though if it’s in your line up. I think the general idea is 1 most expensive unit + combination of the other two that makes the remaining morale as close to the total max as possible.

Cool, thanks for the info. So, similar to Ceres. Are the units at full health or also at about half like with Ceres` power?

There also have been pal events, those also sometimes gave a pal.

I need nidhogg event immidialty!?


If true- i havent black dragon abd even no need it

i have aska but use it very rare.

irmgard and ceres are better for me

good luck in loocking for aska, hopeu will be lucky

you mean believe you just like how you said you can get 10 uber pal chests a month? 

i’m not sure where you are wrong, but maybe start by counting how many uber pal chests they are in the daily rewards each month.
I’ll give you hint, its more than 1 and less than 3. And only 1 of these has guaranteed pal.