Aska Event for all Players

You get full power reinforcements, like insta troops or portal or suchlike, ready to go into action full swing right off the bat.

BTW I wish you could set your own reinforcement set instead of the game deiciding for you what troops Aska will summon.

set whatever you want summoned as your left unit(s). It will always summon from the left.

That works somewhat but I’d much rather it summon exactly the troops I want, not what the game chooses for me to want (maybe I want 4 of these and 2 of those instead of 2 of these and 4 of those?). Experimenting with how many of which units are summoned if you put them in what order is a waste of time. Just put in a “Aska bundle” option somewhere to set this up and everybody’s happy.

And yes, I’m nitpicky. :stuck_out_tongue:

stop to be like Cromka a bad troll. You think i have just that and lose time like you and go in the game and start and check during 10 minutes if what I have say its 100% exact. Jesus you are really pathetic to be honest. I have said 10 its just a fictif number like that. Its not the end of the world my god. I think its 3 each war X 2 = 6 and 2 during month. So its not 10 but close 6-8 a month depending if its 2 or 3 during Wars. Wow you are ok? you have do a heart attack? or will do a bad dream because I have not the right number? Really there is some troll here on the forum who have nothing to do. Really fun you have the trolls and you have the people who misunderstood the others. Happy now? I have clarify my answer. You will sleep better tonight? Jesus get a life

So you lied

no problem, its usual with you

not again. I have a feeling sometime you act like a troll just for fun to scrap topic and I am not surprise if FourofJacks its you to be honest. Close same picture, close same worst mentality, both defend always Flare,etc… So if its the case I have nothing to tell you. Believe what you want. You live in your own world anyway. I don’t have 5 hours to argue with you. See ya!!

Im not sure if the OP meant it this way, but my interpretation says that he’s whining that he doesn’t get lucky by spending a lot. Just because you spend a ton on a phone game doesn’t mean you should get whatever you want. Keep trying and you’ll get it eventually… or just deal with a pet you already have. If none of those are preferable, tough luck. 

This is as much a game of luck as it is skill after all.

Though it is a bit sad as they play the luck far too much… The one time offers have helped as you can wait and get the pet if offered directly.

Thing is its a strategy game so luck should be a dalliance not subvert the process. people who like luck play mindless slots games. I think they still have a way to go to make sure luck does not undermine the core components of the game.  many of the items like pets could have been like dungeons things you earn unlock as well as be lucky with.( or shock horror offer a way just to buy like pro league)

Note: The biggest problem is that the luck algorythyms are wonky from player to player as well. I consistently get more of one thing than another, my friend gets the opposite of me? Now is this luck? not really it just makes it more broken as there is nothing a player can do to earn or fix and buying options most often are underpinned by the very luck system that was not giving you the items anyway. Lol its really sad they don’t see this … I bought 5 individual pet chests not one pet … I was curious?  as my pet luck is horrible so is the luck even if you pay… so don’t pay is all I can say.

Have you heard of the idiom “the pot calling the kettle black”?

you are a funny one, most your posts would be considered troll posts - except i don’t think you are trolling, but you “just don’t know any better.” (to put it nicely )
so either you are professional troll and have me (and many others) fooled, or…

anyway if you were close, i wouldn’t bother correcting, but you are off by heaps, the number of pals as i mentioned earlier is 3-4 max a month from wars and daily chest.

But I admit, i enjoy helping / teaching others with good correct information.
And I also enjoy correcting and pointing out when “know-it-alls” keep getting it wrong.

So yes i will sleep better, you brighten up my day, though you will have to try harder to make me laugh more than in the EXP thread, “I’ve got the right person, he is level 90!” LOL

you give him too much credit, do you think he intentionally gives the wrong information?

i think not!

Guys, this really is getting to personal, you need to get back on topic. Don’t argue like this. I mean, these forums are made for arguments, but not personal ones. It’s better to just leave arguments at game level

Can’t be helped, warriornator gets in game things wrong often, and gets worked up pretty quick when they are pointed out.

Maybe if you want to help keep it at game level, maybe you should point out that he is wrong - he might not get so worked up if you tell him?

Just keep things cool. Yes, he may be wrong, but you have no right to go out of your way to slam it into his brain. It’s not right to do

On the contrary, for special people the right way is to slam it into their brain.

Since you are all about doing the right thing, go ahead and help correct warriornator so he can learn, acknowledge his mistake, and post correctly so the community / readers do not get the wrong information. That is right thing to do after all.

So it is 3-4 total per month:
-1 pal chest from daily per month.

  • 2-3 total from 2 wars per month.

Not the 6-8 or 10 warriornator claims, or if I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

lol you are the mister of wrong information. Just to see your last post. Hypocrite really.

go in the game and look in daily rewards. its 2 Uber Pal chest and not 1 you get each month. for the Wars all depend of the condition. More chest its 3 Uber Pal. No extra chests its 2 so that why I don’t have take chance and write 6-8. 2 Wars with extra chest its 3+3 = 6 plus 2 = 8

If you have 1 Wars with extra chest its 3 and a Wars without extra chest its 2 = 5 + 2 = 7

Maybe its 2 per Wars I don’t remember well. Anyway in worst case its 6. 2+2+2. So when i say 6-8 I don’t have wrong

Next Wars check correctly and you will see its you who have wrong since the beginning. So stop try to act like a troll who try to give lesson when you have wrong since the beginning with your little 3-4 Uber pal chest

I have do 72 Wars since i play this game. So you have nothing to teach me.

do you need screenshot? sorry the Wars is over but if you wait the next Wars I will take screenshot in give it in your face troll

@AwesomestKnightest I don’t want to do the “wrong thing” and  “go out of my way” to respond to someone who directly says I am wrong.

So over to you, do the right thing please, correct warriornator and (help) end the argument.

correct me? for what i have right and you have wrong and its a fact. End of conversation. You don’t accept you have wrong. So swallow it and move on. Bad Loser. Really its most be a pain to play with you in a society game. Bad loser react like this. Never accept he have wrong. people like you destroy the fun on a forum to be honest. Argue for no proper reason. Accept it and go away. Back to the main topic

@AwesomestKnightest to help you in your quest: No Bonus

as you can see in regular no bonus war, 1 pal chest at 50,000 skulls. With bonus it is 2 pal chest at 60,000 and 70,000 skulls total.

the daily one if you do not believe me, both dena4 and kk star have said the same on the first page. Otherwise you can go look at your own monthly reward or ask someone else who can see that when you click on the two uber pal chests, they are different.

Of course the wiki, dena4 and kk star could all be wrong …

Good luck.

Ok Flare have change that. So now its 1 pal in a Wars?  that was 2 in the past. So since they have change the numbers of skulls for Uber many month ago they have remove 1 Uber pal Chest? ridiculous wow

sorry i was not informed about this. i have never check the 50k price or the wiki since the change of Uber at 20k,30k,etc… Contrary to you I admit I have wrong just because I argue about the old system. i can check my video If somewhere I have the old system somewhere. I am sure that was 2 before

Ps : still your have overreacting and reply like a perfect troll. Next time take time to demand why someone have write what he have write before answer like a troll. Your overreacting have no sense. I still don’t believe someone can overreact like you did in first place. Just for a wrong information. Get over it and move on. You are on forum this can happen. I was not informed about this and still have in mind the old systems just after the release of 3.0.0 where War Season given 2 Uber Pal Chest for 60k and 70k. Overreact like you did its really pathetic in my dictionary. Unbelievable. I don’t want to see how you react in real life for other stuffs. Its a another story. End of conversation back to topic



For me also - 2 Pal-chests per month but only one contains a Pal, the other only Uber-Petfood …

To put some wood in the fire … gg