Aska Event for all Players

It has never been 2. Pals were only added in early 2017, it has been 1 since they were introduced.

You are wrong also about:

I admit when I am wrong, but I am correct most of the time - as in this thread - so obviously you won’t see me admit I am wrong often. :grinning:
Also, there are so many times you sprout incorrect rubbish, but you wontt admit it simply cause you don’t even realise you are wrong.

Please, look in the mirror

As i said before, I’m winding you up for fun. I don’t deny at all. I enjoy proving know-it-alls wrong.
But I’m also helping the community out correcting bad information.

If you call it trolling, i don’t really care.
Same as telling me not to overreact or cool down, I don’t care, pointing out simple errors is childs play to me, I could argue all day without getting worked up.
Obviously most people do not know how to argue without getting worked up, and most would just avoid pointing out errors to avoid conflict :grinning:

I hate to say this Warriornator, but in 2 wars with extra chests in a month (extremely unlikely) you only can get 2 Chests max. Not 3. And you only get 1 guaranteed Pal in every daily reward. Yes there are 2 Uber Pal chest, but only one of the chests automatically holds a pal. I see what you are saying, but you are just a bit off. And it’s nothing to get worked up about. For me or you, we all make mistakes, there shouldn’t be any problem anymore 

This thread will be locked if the personal attacks continue below this post.

Instead of just watching, you should simply answer the question of the one who posted. A simple yes or no

@Fourofjacks I don’t care of you and what you think troll. I play this game since 2015. You have nothing to learn me if you don’t remember or never play when the old systems was there its not my problem. When update 3.0.0 has release people can get 2 Uber pal chest during Wars Season and in the past player needed no choice 25% skulls perk to achieve 60k and 70k. I remember like its was yesterday because in each Wars Season I asking myself each time I have see the rewards how to achieve and obtain all chest. I have ask it to my teammates how people do and I remember I asking too on forum. People have answer to complete 60k and 70k you needed 25% skulls perk and be attacked 3 or 4 waves per day.That you don’t remember or don’t have be in the game during this time its not my problem. Continue all you want to argue if you want. I know what i said its the truth. I have do 72 Wars Season maybe not all but close all with Genie and Master.

If today after the change we have 4 Uber and 1 Pal. Ok good to know. I just don’t remember when the change have happen. Probably close at the release of 3.2.0 when people asking for this

Its just frustrating i don’t have any screenshot to show you in your face to shout your mouth for good and same with Flare youtube I don’t see any video who show War season chest after 3.0.0 and after 3.2.0. You can see before and after the change. So like I say sadly I can’t proof and you can’t proof anything. So end of conversation

PS : If needed I can try to search the topic old topic in 2016 probably who talk about chest at 60k and 70k. can be a little proof I don’t say shit. Give me 30 minutes I find it (If I can)

So I have to lock this topic here.  Before that, I’d sum up the talk about pal chests. You get 1 guaranteed pal from a uber pal chest in daily rewards, the other one need not guarantee, thus pal drop rate is very low. Secondly, there may/may not be pal collector events in a month, and not everyone is lucky enough to get pals very easily from chests. Often, I’ve only got just 1 pal the whole month, the guaranteed one.  About war, it is awarded at 50k, since the start for non-bonus chest wars and it was awarded at 60k to 80/90k for few wars till FG reset it to 60k and 70k only for additional chest wars, so reaching that, you must need to fight out on 14 fronts (not as a champ) assuming you score average 4.5k which is roughly over 30% Skull Perk for a normal player. Pretty unrealistic since generally most teams don’t have that many wars on a normal occasion. 50k is rare without champs.  Then there are pals from Alliance chests, obtained when someone buy gems during Alliance Party, drop rates low, so need not even be factored in. A person let’s assume is lucky enough to obtain 1 pal/m from a free chest, 1 from collector, 1 from daily rewards, 1 from war, unrealistic too, but let’s assume, he gets 3 pals only. So it’s difficult to get pals. The month of December, many obtained pals as it was a Christmas gift from FG, multiple pal chests guaranteeing a pal in the daily rewards. And PS - You getting a pal might not mean a pal for the alliance, you might get a new pal so still… PS-2. @Play For Fun No Aska for you :stuck_out_tongue: