Aska morale summoning

Hi I just got aska leveled to 8 but it still says morale 16 only and the only thing that changes is the summoning cd.

On the wiki it seems that the summonin morale increase by level also. Did aska get nerfed lately?  

only the cooldown goes down with every new level. max morale is 16 even you reached max level. no changes with version 3.8.

Summoning morale used to show 17.But that seems to have been a wrong value which is now fixed, as Aska could never spawn more than 16 morale units.


Ah okay thanks for the clearup. But with flute spell it has higher morale ?

With flute spell aska summons 26 morale at pal level 7, despite the game telling you it will only summon 20.