Aska+Pro Archer combo *DESTRUCTIVE*

Enjoy! :wink:  


I’m adding music that should be done processing in a few minutes. I’m quite positive it’ll make you laugh, so stick around. It starts at 0:43, for those who are impatient :wink:  

Nice combo, i’ll try it.

by the way is that a Christmas song ??

Okay, Now I know the real meaning of the song :slight_smile:

It’s just a children’s song about the London Bridge falling down lol. Wanted to add some humor to the video :wink:  

My son often watches video with this sound) for me it is usual.

looks easy. What are the bases for you difficult at this level of trophies?

Do not you think that you need to raise trophies?)

Yeah, the bases I’m facing right now are fairly easy. My trophy level is hard to raise because my defense is so bad atm. My offense is able to compete at about 4k trophies or slightly above, but I my base is probably around 3400, which makes it difficult for me to stick around at a higher range. I’m working on my defense though, so it’ll be better :slight_smile: . This was an easier base than usual though

The song choice had me rofling tho.

Amazingly Nice. Thanks for the Combo.