Aska Summoning

When Aska summon troops. Do you need to keep morale bar full to summon by example Monk or you can waste the bar and Aska will be able to summon Monk anyway? I have try to check in many raid but not sure. Seem Aska don’t do much when my bar is empty and when I keep it full Aska summon non stop Monk. If someone can confirm if Aska use the morale bar or not?

Aska and Janus are same kind of pal (?)

Their special abilities are lil different. Aska and Janus has summoning and portal scroll power respectively.


Portal scrolls needs morale in the morale bar and then u can spawn from a specific place whatever u want if you have enough morale in that period. This is what Janus do.


Summoning brings instant reinforcements without affecting morale bar. THIS IS WHAT aska do. 

It spawns giving priority from left to right. Morale bar doesn’t affect it’s power. Aska’s abilitiy and morale bar never affects  each other. 

No. Aska summon units with 16 morale from left to right, just it. I just checked it again just to confirm. I checked with wolf too, she just summon him if I put him on first spot.

What may be happening is that you are varying troops and putting Monk in the wrong spot. I recommend you to watch videos on youtube to use Aska in a better way. (Or if you’re doing it right, maybe it’s a bug in your game.)