Aska unable to summon Arblaster

Whatever Combo I try, Aska NEVER summons Arblaster. Please have a look at this!

Best, orko


aska works normally on my Android Phone … also Arbaster are summoned.

The sequence of units is important, left side units are preferred, then refill to the right side up to the unit limit. (max 16 points in pal-mode)

Please set arbasters on the first slot (left) and test it again. Certainly are Akas unit points are not enough for all units. 

I tried all already, even having vikings in slot 2 and necros in slot 3. ?

Arb 4 unit Points, viking 16 unit points, necro 15 unit points …i test it and it works

…4 Arbaster summoned… under Win 10 & Android