Aska vs Irmgard

If you have both pals in hand, which one will you go with?

  1. Irmgard 


  1. Aska

(btw I can’t able to make a poll! Anybody felt the same?)

Thanks in advance!

I’m not talking about nidhogg, i don’t want him too. But I would like to know which pal is popularly used between aska & irmgard and which gives advantage in diciest situation? :slight_smile:

pls share your views in comment section!


For me Irmgard is the choice as it can alone destroy few towers in tough situations and can also heal the hero and troops…

It’s all about your raiding style. Do you often lose your entire army? Then use Aska. You don’t have problems with keeping your army alive, but you’re lacking firepower? Irmgard is the pal to use

Well the trend now is fritz if one wants more firepower. I mean, icepower =p

I think that you’re best shots in the Festival are Fritz and Aska. Fritz is my favorite pal right now, but I have to wait till I unlock Aska to compare them, however Lacuna is right, Fritz is what everyone is using right now. I think the reason for that is because players are using mainly Necroes, Wolves, and Skull/Bomb Towers in their defenses and Fritz just destroys those things in two swipes (unless it’s a very high level tower)!

blunt dmg is nerfed so irmgard is nerfed too. his healing is insignificant too.

I Think that this is not entirely true. Afaik only blunt spell damage has been reduced. Not pal Hero or troop blunt damage.

Off-topic but, yes, at least that’s what it says on the post for the balancing changes:

  • Blunt damage from spells deals slightly less damage to all towers and obstacles except for Firebolt tower


Yeah, matter of raiding style. Aska works much better for me atm. It may be a matter of adjusting but Irmgard doesn’t quite cut it in terms of damage-to-survivability. I’ll test it more extensively when there’s finally a ninja event but for the time being, I prefer those extra troops.

the best thing to do is collect them all. i have close them all.Problem solve. Each pal have their pro and con. Each pal are better in some situation then others. If you have low leadership Aska help you to summon huge army but I don’t like if you use Monk. At the middle you have like 20 Monk. Irmgard very dangerous but only if you are lucky he use his special spell when you are close of something. Kaiser good for gold and his sonic blast do huge damage. Good if you want to use Healing spell or ring or a defensive spell.Tammy good in Ninja Event,etc…