Aslan 777

Alliance level 67

The alliance owned Beast

Archimedes LV 7  Howl LV 7 Tammy  LV 5  Bucky  LV 6  Kaiser LV 5  Glowl Lv 6

Aki LV 2 Bela LV 1 Eldral LV 1 Irmgard LV 1 Fritz Lv 1 Aska Lv1   Nidhogg Lv1 

Pro Beast Ceres Lv 1 Phoebe Lv 1 Eris Lv1 Janus Lv1

Participation conditions … Always active players! (Alliance war・ Ninja・ Conquest mode ・ Donation)

    Knight 9/9 · Cannon 5/5 · Wolf 5/5 · Orga 5/5 ·Monk 1/1 

    **The elite boost is Always open ** * To save donation

* Please let me know if you can not participate in the event of that week. (@ KAPLAN MT)


Now   I got it all right. Thank you very much.

hmm  … ideal members is  

“A member who gives me time to research is good !”


Leaders and generals of Japanese allies gathered…

We will help new players. (It’s okay in any country!)

・You registered for this game but you can not find a good alliance ”

・You want more information This game

・You want to raise a new account :slight_smile:

**Please come to this alliance ”MADE IN JAPAN" **

We are looking for an active player.

日本人も勿論OKです :wink:

We are looking for new members.

There is space for 7 accounts :grinning: ") :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

It is an active alliance.

Please come visit us :wink:

Short term members are also welcome.

“Adjustment of the territory” To reduce the territory.Those who decide not to play the next match with their own allies But you want to earn?

”mercenary of the Ninja" if your alliance is still small enough to earn with a ninja  or  less active members get enough to earn alliance chest. But you want to earn?

Let’s enjoy that period in Aslan 777 ! :stuck_out_tongue:


We are looking for members. :grinning:

But even if the level is around 70・・・If it is two months or less since registering, the alliance match may be tough

”Let’s open a short-term training course”

*We have an alliance for training.

Super Express!Short term LV raising course Course is one day・・・ LV 2 up to LV 50 Can be achieved in a day! :wink:

”masa" I will use this alliance exclusively for the short-term training course

Chicken race course FOR Completist!)Course is ・・・While you endure・・・Let’s sneak out maniac training from LV 2!


”omlet" This alliance has Aslan 777 dedicated accounts gathered ( practice partner) If you belong to this alliance, please think that there are more than 60 attacks

If you want to join the course please contact me@KAPLAN MT

Since the inquiry is 0, it is abolished.

I have written new information :stuck_out_tongue:

I added MAD Monk Elite boost :grinning: to day.

I am looking for some new members :slight_smile:

I would like a person who is active and will participate in the event. ")


Aki, Growl and Bucky 's LV got up

About 5 members are recruiting now 

Current number of territory is 50

I want a member who can participate a lot in alliances war game.?:crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

Today our first Pro · Beast Celestial Ceres is now available. :grinning: Let’s have fun!

Phoebe  Beast has also arrived.  :stuck_out_tongue:

royal revolt2 虎の巻

I have started a blog of RR 2 right now.

Although it is Japanese, youtube and images were also abundant. And those who do not know Japanese may understand the contents by using Google translation. It is also a personal hobby.

I have not received any inquiries about the contents.
Please verify by yourself.

This will make your fun RR2 life!

We are looking for 3 members :grinning:



We are looking for members to enjoy games in conquest mode together.

We are recruiting about 6 new members.

There is no difficult request. It’s simple. but 

The most important thing is “Your desire to become strong” :grinning:

Let’s play together everyday


After the conquest, members who have not played have been released.

We are recruiting about 5 accounts.
Those who want to play GOLD and want to play

We are waiting for members to actively participate in the event.

Inactive is not allied to Aslan 777. It is a rule.

It is an alliance with an intention to continue growing.?

We are waiting for members who will always play together.

Hans joined as a new beast. :grinning: