Assign multiple workers to same upgrade

This should really be implented. 

Just add more workers to the same structure upgrade to reduce build time.

That way we could really focus on what we want to build. Especially with the really long build times on things that came in this last update 


+1,if the origin built time is 9 days,maybe we can assign using 2workers will be 4.5 days,3 workers 3days and so on

this has always been a good idea

Won’t happen by FG.

But a good idea. They should also give away timed gems (will make FG happy). 

They have just one slot of gems to get the work (upgrade) completely done. Why not introduce gems for 1 day, 2 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes etc? Might happen as it might increase the money quotient for FG. :wink:



if it happened sales in workers would sky rocket = gems for Flare. They could institute a cost to add a worker to a build too.

Actually, the idea is good, hope FG can do that? But we do not know the logistics behind that?

It’s a good thing but they will do their part like always: for example max 2 workers on a same building and max 5% time reduced lol