Athena power box not activated

Hello the tinner player of the gladiators alliance has not received the return of the fifth square of powers of athena
it would be possible to restore that power as well as all the players
game with the latest version 5.4.0 of the game and with android 9 system

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My game name is Geanis and Tinner another account and we are in Gladiadores alliance and I also seemed to be having the same problem with both my accounts on iOS. I was supposed to be able to unlock the 5th power when I achieve level 4 on Athena and it still shows locked


You have to reach level 4/01

He’s still at level 2

are you sure about that???

as you can see in the images it is not like that, those who had bought with gems the boxes devoured us

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I also have all of my Athena powers and only tier II. Did he purchase that slot with gems before the update?

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yes i bought the slot before upgrade i actually had all the slots unlocked with gems before they performed

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