I can add the phoenix to her army but I cant use it in battle why?


Too low Leadership stat is my guess.  Level her up and she should be able to ride the fire chicken into battle.

How many morale bars does your athena have?

I have a level 20 Athena and she has 18 max bar even then I don’t use Pheonix with her.

Athena is so busted right now it’s hilarious.

@CaptainMorgan you have made a great mistake with Athena.I don’t know what promoted you to make these bad decisions.


I am just trying to give you an honest feedback based on my gameplay at level 17 she gets her max morale bar to 16 and level 20 it is 18.

Prior to this it was 23.Plus her fist of lighting spell is way to underpowered as compared to other spells in the game.

Even Okeanos and siren spell does more damage to nyx towers.


Just increase her  max morale bar back to 23 and add some damage or reduce skill down for her main spell.Then anyone can enjoy plying with her.

This post is not new one and I have seen one more post about Athena morale bar by new player.


I can use her fine but still miss that old Athena from 2017 and I have no idea how good she was in 2016.

She was good in 2016. She was a top tier hero, which made sense because she was (at the time) very difficult to unlock and very difficult to level up. And you were rewarded for that by getting a hero that was pretty darn good. She is mid tier now. 

I just hope they bring back 2016 version.

I want to see her in action :wink:

The whole game is different now, but she would still be very good if they brought her back to the pre-nerf version. She is currently better than she was at the lowest point, at least. 

Agree with both above - I still have lvl1 fist of power as there’s not much point in upgrading it given the stun aspect doesn’t get better and the damage is almost irrelevant.  She used to be one of my war heroes until the recent nerf to morale (which for supposedly the best hero, really is bad) which made her average in hero ranking now. The devs should have gone(tested first) middle ground with 20-21 morale slots not the current 18.

@HeliosSRBwhat is your opinion? 

I tottaly agree with Holydivine and Philstar about everything they said. Athena desperately needs her morale buff back and her Fist of Power must be stronger.  ?:slight_smile:

It seems my Athena needs Antenna neeeds for collecting electricity for to charge her first spell… 

3 new levels of fist of power coming on Monday. 

Will rise all. And the result will remain the same . This requires a separate boost specifically for fist strength.

I already asked for it. And I get everything I ask for, right?


Well Monday will be 2 weeks from the announcement that it will be out in 2 weeks. 

All dates are subject to the whims of the RNG gods. All sales are final. No whining. 

Ah yes, but it’s FG we’re talking about, so you might want to add another 2 weeks to that time frame minimum…would be a nice surprise if it were Monday :grinning:  

You missed the no whining bit. 

Very sad that what suppose to be the most powerful Heroe in the game are in really close the worst one (After Prometheus)

Yesterday I checked my old video I have keep of my old account and watch a video of Athena full unlock with Titan. oh my god that was the old Athena. Powerful and very useful and all. So imagine someone who take time to up her at level 20 and give her Titan 5 stars with max power. Sadly never got the chance to try her in this condition

Today with superforge and all. if Athena was still there like the old one. All the joy and satisfaction you can have to play with her. At the moment you unlock her a big smile appear on your face and you know you don’t have lose your time to reach this point of the game. Sadly is no more the case.

If I read all post about Athena probably no more joy then unlock Ajax. So same if I reach 100k dominance probably my joy will not be hype like in the past in 2016-2017 before the big huge nerf

its the specialty of Flare. They know how to kill a really awesome game :slightly_frowning_face: