Athletics - top 300 (former top200)


after a big discussion, we made up our mind. We still want to keep our alliance but have it in a more reluctant way. Less stress due to obligated participation in wars, like higher skilled alliances do. If you searching an alliance like this, please read on:

ATHLETICS, lvl 37, mostly english conversations, founded december2014

now we are top 300 alliance but used to get around top 200.

Recruiting people that: 1. make at least 50k donations, 2. have around 2800throphees

What do we offer: cash bonus 38-40%, we keep up a permanent barriereboost, and activate other boosts depending on wars. We just want to have fun and try new stuff.


Yes, we have some houserules too ^^ , just to make it fair for everybody in the team:

We make up statistics for the last 3 wars. The bigger your donation, the more wars you can skip :slight_smile:

So if you don’t participate in one fight, you get a strike. Excuses for not playing are always accepted (yes, there IS life beyond RR2). I never kick without warning, unless the player comes inactif without explanation. Then ill make place for a new player.

Reasonable? Come over for a visit. Maybe you’ll stay longer then expected :slight_smile:

Otherwise, have fun!!!



ign: ijcarly1