Atlantis event

Atlantis event would be cool if flare added it to the game. What you do is if you want to find an Atlantis chest, you have to send 3 troops to find one. But the troops that you sended, you can’t use them in battle till they come back. They can come back with an Atlantis chest, or without. The max chest that you can get from a sending is 1 Atlantis chest. 

More details plz  :slight_smile:

It’s pretty simple Kamakshya! You have a 50% chance to get a chest that may or may not have good rewards, but most likely has nothing good! No more details needed :lol: 

just kidding

I do agree we need a little more detail to this idea, cause you can’t “send troops” and “not use those troops” because you don’t have to train or load troops like in Clash of Clans or Star Wars: Commander, your troops are just there

this event will fit more in Olympus Rising with Gods,Ocean and more than RR2. Sound to me like a kind of mini quest or mini mission. I don’t know

 I agree that it should be in games more for gods. You don’t have to train troops like in clash of clans. The troops can be there, don’t know. Flare can decide on the details.?