atlas king- not a member of darkblood

Atlas king is no longer under the protection of the darkblood faction, have had enough



Lol, just curious, what exactly protection means?

We have a hundredish members who can target anyone who is harassing a member. I had warned a lot of ppl off attacking atlas before as he has many enemys, now we do NOT offer him our support. I have seen what everyone else warned me about

Nearly 200ish members now lol, a lot of power if directed as one

Why people hate him?

People give him a chance, then he blows it. Demeaning people, jumping,being negative, not a team player etc

I gave him a chance as I thought it was unfair everyone being against him but now I understand

he is just a kid…so you have to understand him more…

Ive search no such ign

He is just a kid, like ZoeLi said, but I also know he’s a smart kid. Really smart, even if he doesn’t show it all the time. I think it will click for him soon that he’s smart enough to learn team dynamics. I love that kid–just waiting for him to become the guy I know he can be.

emmmmm…i quit…ive finally had enough, thanks guys for tolerating me all this time…and goodbye

<wipes tear

<3 you too huck