attack 99%. zero gold and -63cups

can you explain me what has happened here?

how he can do this ?

Nice , 

Contact support , its a new things happens

Did your internet connection fail?

Or u failed his base

And 99% showing is only bug

Sounds probable, taking down the castle wall without scoring seige or raid, any gold and medals… 

there was success attack  - first suprise was 99% (ok it is probable)

and was 30s left when castle gate colapse.

Had u tried again , then its show correct

And -63 trophy actually minus or it just only shows

u got 0 gold may be because your treasure chamber already full. Hence no more gold you can get.

0 medal, when you attack  a player that higher than you, no medal you can get.

he has lower trophies than you and you didn’t get 100% on his base, thus -63% trophies deducted.

Guys maybe you was not there before but this its a old bug. Really old bug. Not just a visual bug its happen for real. He have do 99% and destroy the castle gate but the bug count it like if he have retreat at the tent so that why the -63. That why too the +0 medals and +0 gold is a part of the bug. In reality he have collect gold and medals. to make it short the bug just do like a retreat. Its weird I know you do your raid and finish it but the bug make it like a retreat

I am surprise a old bug like this is back O.O. Very long time I don’t have see someone post this kind of bug. this bug date of 2016. I think maybe before Ninja Event in 2.5.0.

Never happen to me but I remember that happen often to many players in the past. I don’t remember I think you can find old post in Bugs section about this

All related topic about this bugs :



old bug but continuoudly exists since years…

Maybe just noone complaining anymore as flare is doing nothing against it

i personally have this bug also from time to time, only answer i got from flare once was “check your internet connection”.

the only thing i can say - thats not the problem^^

flare didn’t give any other answer then anymore, as they don’t mind about their customers anymore…