Attack by multiple alliances at once!!! This should stop!! Please chance the war mechanics!!!

Gang Bang!!!

It’s bizarre, its vicious, its excruciating, its a torture…

3rd day of war, as expected North Alliance is facing multiple battle fronts…againts Apo, SK and RL

This kind of scenario is not new to some Alliances like Vanguard, Immortal Legends, Vietnam, Todesritter

And any other clans facing multiple battle,

Some of them already complained about this…

And yet you don’t take action…

how long will u ever realize that this is a torture?

How many Alliances should suffer in this kind of fate?

How many players will be tortured and harrassed?

How long do we have to wait for Flaregames to take the initiative to do something about this problem?

This kind of activity had been reported since the first session of war,

And yet You Flare didn’t do anything to chance the war mechanics.


You want your players to suffer and not making any progress at all?

Alliances war should be fun, not dreadful and awful…

This should stop, nobody wants to be gang bang!!

Please chance the war mechanics and the rules:

Alliance can only be attack ONCE

ONLY ONE battle per clan,


Otherwise Alliances will never ever progress,

we never ever gain fiefdoms,

it will always be plus and minus, forward and backward

it will fall into stagnation and deterioration…

I dont mind the multiple fronts, I dont even mind being gang banged (lol). What I hate is that you only can compete by spendit massive gems in the CoF, what is almost impossible to keep up in these kind of situations.

Save north from this gang bang :wink:

That looks painful! Personally I see it as dirty tactics and unfair. Almost like they are afraid to face each other even though they are “top players”. MY opinion, respect it

north has done the same thing…its the way the game is played

We rae also having 3 battle in this time. Lions den and solaridity

For the record, FG already change the format by putting top alliances in random maps :slight_smile:

Good so you can do more skulls for magic chests, i mean since now hundreds and hundreds of alliances got this problem of 3 attacks at start but i rarely see complains about this situation.

thats why there is no progress …

No other clans can gain anymore fiefdoms

It will always be plus and minus…

And will stuck to the ground…

Why don’t you enjoy the attacks? What’s the problem if you got 4 times attacks to be done? The alliances saw how you defeated sk, and all together planned to attack you… I don’t find any valid reason to complain here, and North alliance is already strong

I gemmed chests for 600 gems in the first three wars, you do the math how much today would cost, just to have a chance to compete.

the top alliances also gem for does roaring lions does,apoc does.all alliances gem the chests.they have to in order to compete.we call it fair competition cuz all do it.when you get your easy maps dont you gem for chests.yes you do, admit.but those poor little clans on that map will also gem for chests,and they will still lose.

i dont see a problem here ? you only can attack any Alliance 10 times . so after those 10 you attack another one , also it gives you an nice amount of extra skulls for the standings .its like 30 attacks . 3o attacks in one day is doable,  and if you manage to get as much tiles as your competition , chance you stil win by amount of skulls is great , so i dont realy see the problem . if you lose those battles yes then it sucks indeed , besides that flare isnt listening anyways so complaining is waste of time :slight_smile:

With an easy map, I dont gem for chests, I guess most ‘top’ alliances dont actually…

Agreements are part of War seasons and North knows well. Perhaps North had another missunderstand with all the alliances on the battlefield. Have fun.

It’s just me who sees that the biggest (maybe only) problem at war is that the matching system? I dont mind many fronts, I just want a fair battle, fair enemies. Put the matching by defensive LVL (troops, spells and towers)!!!

Oh look, another player who wants it all easy.By this ‘defensive stats matching’ then some alliance will not have enough opponent in the map cuz only 3/4 alliance at top have 60 members of evenly matched base strenght

Todes dont even champ or shield (except for me and mytown1) for this season lol some still open chest tho for the friendly competition between members :slight_smile:

Can someone please change the title? XD