Attack Granny for better offers

I’d like to attack Granny for better offers. I spend gems and the offers I get are still lousy!

My suggestion: Smash Granny’s house/castle as fast as you can and get an offer according to it.




this guy is so ambitious ?



Yeah, Granny can be a bitch sometimes!!!  :wink:




What about those 50%+ discount offers she sometimes gives usually after war and after you have upgraded a level? They are EXTREMELY VALUABLE!!!

The rest of the time - she does have other uses. I have sinned her wheel once for 20 spins. As you spin her wheel - the same things tend to get more expensive. There is one positive thing of spinning her wheel though - every 5 or so spins, you get a free pearl. 

(I am a bit sarcastic -   :slight_smile:

Just for fun to see if I can get strong items. I waste 40 gems for change items and nothing for level 88 with level 105 or 106. All this shit is for level 60 and less

You have better chance get strong Hero items in Chest or in Chamber of Fortune