Attack harcelement

A Player attacks me 7 times today because I attack him one time… How to make he stop ?

P.S. : I Can take photos if possible

Sorry, it’s impossible to stop him :/. But he is also testing your defense too :)). So upgrade your defense.

Hehe, i know this technique. Using it all the time. You open your base and let others raid it. Then you seek from the attack history for any of the attackers who have forgotten to shield their gold. Good loot… :slight_smile:

Well, he will continue till he is fed up or gets enough compensation for the gold & trophies lost.

Or you used gems on his base. I try to provoke players that spend massive gems on my base by raiding them frequently.

I had that happen. He hit me 7 or 8 times in one day. I asked him to stop. He told me he was the “King of Offensive”. So I hit him 25 to 30 times a day for a week (set a alarm to hit him). I finally accept his friend request. He told me I was crazy and he wanted a truces. You can also ask higher level members in your alliance to hit him. But I personally don’t like to do that myself. I have hit players picking on someone in my alliance though.


But I am the most strong in my alliance. But he gives me nothing (4 trophies and no gold) but he takes 7 trophies. Yet This morning he attacks me 3 times (10 in 24 hours)

Gentlemen, please give my IGN to your harassers. Tell them I have an open or semi-open base most of the time, especially during the recesses and am willing to be attacked. :slight_smile:

You must understand that harassers is a good thing. They help you to make your bases better.

It happens, don’t be frustrated. Continue to build up your defenses (upgrades) and change the design regularly.


I hit him 6 times hope he find someone else. 

friends I want to give suggestions but iam not able"quote" others messages :(((…what is the problem???

Sometimes that true, but not always. I have picked up low level player  in  gold a few weeks ago. He got 1%to 5% in my base and attacked me at least 15 times a day. I didn’t hit him back. He ran my trophies up and lowered my gold against other players.

Yep, that sucks…

don’t take it personally ,try to think of it as donating to a fellow rr2 member who is in need of a helping hand :slight_smile:  I always go back  in my history and attack people especially if they are giving better gold than the matchmaker ,just as I also get attacks by the same players, ,the only time I got bent outa shape was this guy basicly filled up my history but his base gave lously gold and I could breeze threw with ease but other than this itsd all part and parcel of this wonderfull game  :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re right it’s part of the game.Florian was getting hit by a player that was only getting 100 gold, not a 100k ,a 100 gold. That’s being a jerk. Hit and move on. When I’m medal hunting I don’t hit more than a few times and find someone else. Only time I hit constantly is on a open base or if they deserve it.

You don’t know, how much this player gets :grinning:  He gets only <1k from your chamber/taverns (that is what you can
see), but you have to add the game generated gold on top of that. And that can be 500k+ (attacked player 15-20
levels higher and not attacked too often). After boosts that is more than 1m gold. Not bad :grinning:

I know this, because i attack myself with my alts and can see, what they get (500k, 400k, 300k before boosts in 3
raids after not raiding for some hours). And i can see the value in my history, which is 100 - 300 often.
This is only possible with me (the higher player) having an (semi) open base. This attracts a huge amount of other
players, who constantly attack me. It’s even difficult to raid myself and get an attack in between those others :lol:
After having an open base (even with closing in wars between) for too long, Flare lowers the initial gold value from
500k+ step by step to a value around 250k. Then it’s time to close my base again for let’s say 3 weeks to get back
to 500k+ again.