Attack harcelement

You Can attack him thx


Was your base open?


I change def This morning

There’s nothing wrong with attacking a “target” 3 times in a row every (few) hour(s).
Don’t take it personally :grinning:  I do it all the time for various reasons, e.g. farming CoF,
gold, XP, skulls …

There’s also nothing wrong with attacking him back, though, so just do it if you like :wink:

Nice but just for trophies is very stupid and if nobody reacts here i will say to all my friendly alliances they can attack him without pressure. ? I f*** these persons, that’s all.

And he gives me nothing, he is boosted so it Is not fairplay… So i Will do the same and be happy ?


He has a crush on you. He thinks you’re cute. He has a poster of your king above his bed. He named his cat “Florian Premier”. He eats French fries in honor of your country. He only boosts his base because he secretly is messaging how you give him a boost every day.

You didn’t know any of this, did you?


Hugs & kisses,


Lol ?

You created some of the logic in this game too… I think. :grinning:

You always find the ones that want to attack you all the time.

I hit him 3 times :slight_smile:



I am friend with him and he doesn t know how to attack me now so Nice for the moment.

If you’re friends with him he can practice on your base.