Attack history information

We can see our defense records but it would be nice to see attack history at least last 10 maybe. I try to take screen capture before attacking against defences good on paper but mostly unexpected which are good or not. Some unexpected defences really good and want to investigate more them or want to invite them to alliance. So i think would be nice to see attack history. 

I manually build my own log file since February…

It logs the opponent IGN and Heroes and Units I use for each battle.

The log file is HUGE!  :grinning:

This is insane.

It would be cool to have an ingame one, but I’m curious about your work as well. ?

Wow Tomaxo, it must be really huge?

Wait, is this a script or do you manually log it, Tomaxo?

If add attack report we can know what happened in the last attacks,we attacked to who,…

It’s all manual, thus emojis and international characters are giving me a hard time.  :grinning: