Attack Replay

After logging back in sometimes it shows i have been attacked sometimes by one or more players. Is there a video that shows the replay of the attacks? That way we can see where our defenses need upgrading?

Oh Yeah, i play on Gameroom.

No there is no replay available, and unlikely to be implemented in future.

Many people have asked for this to be implemented into the game. But, I don’t think that this will ever make it into the game. I guess it takes too much time to put in, and it may cause additional bugs that are harder to fix 

no chance player can get a video playback. Probably never. Flaregames don’t have the server or the equipment to do it and probably don’t want it. I have suggested to add like Olympus Rising all the necessary info on your base : Where the Hero is dead in green, you can see where he spend and use scroll in white,etc… on your defense. I don’t remember in which topic. Somewhere in suggestion section.