Attack speed doesn't increase for Phoenix by " Bia "


I don’t know if someone has cited this or not but i found a strange fact about Phoenix. It doesn’t increase its attack speed ( not movement speed) when bia is being activated. I tested with 2 Baricaddes ( lvl 28 ) . First time w/o bia , one Phoenix broke that in 17 second. But in the next time with bia ( nonstop) it took the same time to burn the Baricadde. I hope @CaptainMorgan will give his attention to this .


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It’s possible that phoenixes have max attack speed? It’s continuous damage, not single attacks.

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As bia is applied to all units ( as described) , Phoenix shouldn’t be an " Only exception “.i think it’s continues damage makes the illusion. At least it should burn more quickly under the” Bia " Spell. Anyway I don’t know if it is a feature or a bug , I just noticed ( hope other players also noticed) and seems strange to me.

I guess what I was saying is that maybe you can’t buff something over the maximum. If a unit already has max attack speed, bia won’t take them over the cap. I don’t know if that’s how this works, but it’s a theory.