Attacker defender deficit change!?

Hi all! Is that war points deficit between defender and attacker change in 4.0? 

Look at the picture my alliance attacking opponent! We are currently 100k points ahead but still required 5k more to win that island, that means the war points deficit now is around 40-50%! 

Before 4.0 it was 10%?

This problem caused serious troubles in war tactics and management! Also that means a much weaker alliance could hold stronger alliance for draws in term of torch! If it still happen like this, an alliance must be much more stronger (at least 50% more power) to win opponents with strict war management! Think about now rank 150 could confront rank 100 much more easier, chance to win, while the rank 100 must fight much more harder may be for nothing!

Seriuos troubles!

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3rd item in the bullet list at the bottom of this post:


Oh yeah! So now we know that is a really bad changes! Please test the impacts before implementing new options in furious style, guys! ???

I see depression spreading everywhere! Especially management team of alliance! 

Players lossing patients and motivations to continue! How much we sacrifice and time for the wars and it just made us more frustrated! ???

yeah for well matched league a skull= 50% additional is almost impossible to win for an attacker.  I agree there should’v been tweaks to the % requirement, but not a simple fixed %, that was the easy way out for Flare. It should be calculated to increase resistance % mainly based on how many strikes an alliance has open, for every def strike (enemy attacking) they have ongoing should maybe have 3% additional island def bonus.  I would’ve changed the fixed % per skull to around 9% per skull. so 2 skull =9%. 

Also I would add the # of islands lost to add a def bonus maybe 2% per island lost.

So an alliance def 3 skull  (base 27%)(already suffering 3 strikes = +9%) and ( having lost 2 islands + 4%) TOTAL DEF BONUS = 40%.  Rather than 50% currently (which is way too high for a 3 skull - there no dynamics, action is all on 1 and 2 skull at the moment. 

Emphasis is put  more on ganging up and losses incurred  rather than just straight island skull value.

This would also make the alliance attacking first have a slight advantage, better than the ‘draw at high noon’ we always have these days.