Attacking 3-4times everyday by the same person

I’m getting really irritated with the same person attacking my Castle 3-4times everyday… I wanted to attack back but I don’t get much or more of what he/she took out of my Castle… I dont mind attacking my Castle 3-4times from the same person just not every single day… It’s freaking annoying to the maxx “You know what i mean?!?.. 

Hi. What you need to do is get strong enough (so then he can’t beat you anymore) or make him forget about you.

Good luck.

There is a reason he might be attacking you constantly and it must be plundering! You keep a lot of unused gold perhaps? Just use up all your gold and he won’t come back… Or, maybe he’s attacking you because you give him a lot of trophies every time and because you are an easy target.

There’s not always an obvious reason for someone raiding you. Yes, it can be annoying, but remember he is actually testing your base.

What you can do, is drop trophies, not leaving gold or work on your offense. For the rest, ignore it for now.

You should see how annoying it can be sometimes, I had raiders raiding 20+ times a day. Even when I raid their base and beated them with just one troop(no spells) or even no troops, some just kep raiding till they start losing. You can also dump trophies on him. Just raid, retreat and give him trophies. Do that a couple of times a day three times in a row.

His trophies will rise and he will be target of stronger players. That’s also not so a nice counter action for some. If you can beat a base with ease and it’s not stopping them, just dump trophies on them. It also helps you in fact, he gets less medals, trophies and gold by this, so he won’t make a lot of progress by keep raiding you. 

Remember it’s a raiding game and we all raid others, so don’t take it personnal.

?? Thank y’all for replying… And yes I won’t take it personnal… We all knows it is just a Game “DEAL WITH IT” … I’m just annoying how the same person has the higher Levels then me taking so much from Castle but I don’t get much from his/her Castle if I raided… I just hope we both get the same amount of Trophies or Gold since he got the highest levels nawmean… Oh well, like y’all said GET STRONG ENOUGH, USE UP ALL THE GOLD and DUMP TROPHIES ON HIM/HER ??.. Thank you again guys!!! “MAHALO” ??