Attacking enemies


I just recently noticed (since we have battle log), that the enemies attacking my base, are nowhere to be shown on my heat map. Kindda weird…

F.ex: i had an attacker, when i checked battle log, it said he attacked 2min 21sec ago, broke gate, took 25 trophies from me. ( so what, it is not about the trophies). But i could not find him on my heat map right after. I had 8 islands occupied before the attack and 8 after.


Where is he? I want revenge. ? And it is not the first time it happens. The battle log is a list of lies. There was a time when i entered the game, checked my islands, and it said since my last login (1,5 hours) i lost 56  trophies(pfff) but earned 1 gem. Checked battle log, turned out that in the last hour there were 3(!) enemies attacking my base, all of them failed and spent a total 16 gems trying. (i should have lost only 11 trophies according to battle log…)

So, battle log or lying log…?!

How does it work? Or is it just something to look at, and keep our mouth closed a bit?

Thx in advance for your reply?? 

Sincerely: »»Gerger«« Four Horsemen, Officer

the player in you map not the attackers ,it’s random choiced by sys.

Then what is the point of having this “Battle Log”. Sorry to say but if it works like random, it is useless…

P.s: I was really waiting for it ( bat.log)

I think the battle log is just for show to us only the significant attacks, those that had gems or trophies numbers changed.
There are thousands of players on ther same map to all. Maybe its really random choice by the sys.

Hi Gerger,

Not every player who attacks you will correspond to what you see on your map. The players on your map are matchmade onto islands you have lost, but are not necessarily people who attacked you. 

A new player is matchmade onto an island if there was a Hero on it and you were beaten enough times to send the Hero back to Mount Olympus. A new player is also matchmade onto an island where no Hero is protecting it, if you have held it for a long enough time.

The Battle Log is an accurate list of everyone who has attacked you. Your island map is not an accurate representation of who attacked you.

Hope that helps.


Ok, cool. I just thought that the two things have something in common…

Thx for quick reply. ???