Attacking in Wars

Z powodu niedawnego wstąpienia do sojuszu nie można walczyć w wojnie przez 2dni, skoro my nie możemy walczyć w obecnej wojnie, dlaczego inni mogą nas atakować? Jeśli jest już ograniczenie, oczywiście z wiadomych przyczyn, to nasza postać powinna być całkowicie bierna. Nie możemy atakować. to inni nie powinni móc nas zaatakować.

English, please! ?

He’s annoyed that when you join an alliance during war, you can’t attack anyone for days while everyone else is free to attack you all they want, and suggests it should work both ways - no attacking and no being attackable.

We’ve gone through this discussion many times before but can’t recall to what result.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the translation ?

This is to avoid having jumpers in the war.

I understand that it is aimed at avoiding jumpers but I asked about something else.  Due to the recent  to the alliance, you can not fight in the war for 2 days, since we can not fight in the current war, why can others attack us? If there is a restriction, of course for obvious reasons, then our character should be passive. We can not attack. others should not be able to attack us.


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A rule applied during war season is that when a team falls below minimum amount of active players, they can’t score skulls any longer. So they lose every war. Accepting a player could prevent this, so that base of the just joined player should be attackable.

Sure, same rule as conquest could also be applied, a player joining a team doesn’t participate at all during a season. That would be fine with me, as long as that person isn’t counted as an active player. This would be even harder for a team, since that player can’t help at all during season. But maybe that would be more fair, as long as the rule of minimum players changes to minimum attackable players. 

I would go even further, not give the war rewards as soon as they are reached. Just give those rewards only at the end of the war season for players who were participating during complete season. Then players who want to dump skulls at the end of the season to deliberately lose wars, would not get any rewards. 

This is more or less what the topic header said. I have kept the picture to keep the context of what he is saying here

this was made to avoid jumper. In the past we have seen here on the forum a lots of complain about jumper. So Flare make it like this. You can be attacked but cannot attack. I think its fair. You want to be a jumper and go alliance to alliance. Accept the consequence. I think nothing to change here