Attacking Lower Lvl Players

I am going to propose an idea that most of you will scream at but here it goes…

I am glad that the new update fixed some things. However since the update everyone on my map is worth 1 trophy, how am I supposed to earn back the trophies that I lost doing this? This will take forever. There is a reason why most of the high level players have very few trophies…

Guess who stole all of our (Higher Level Players) trophies? The lower levels. Guess who farmed the higher level players non stop? The lower level players. The high level players are still at a major disadvantage.

I propose that we can see players on our map regardless of level but based on trophy count. Even if its just for a couple days but just to even the playing field back out. This way we can take back what we lost.

I personally would like to see this permanently, I’ll explain why…

The leaderboards should not be dominated by lower levels, there is no reason to level up in this game if its just going to hurt you. I know many people who are staying at low levels for a reason. As for those of you saying we just want more advantages - its not that we want more but we are not getting what we paid for. I am sorry but that’s just the way the world works. Lets say you run a business and you get two suggestions in to better improve your business. One customer paid $1,000 dollars for your merchandise and the other paid $5 dollars. Granted both suggestions should be taken into consideration but whos opinion are you going to put more weight on? The person who is keeping your business afloat by paying a lot of money or the person who just pays a little?

Granted paying money does allow us to upgrade and progress faster than most but what is the point if it hurts you in the leaderboard? Please find me one other game (Not by FG) where the leaderboards are dominated by lower levels. And yes - if you pay money you should have an advantage, its like that in almost every game. If there wasn’t an advantage there would be no point in paying and many companies would go broke.

I’ll say it again - There is no point in leveling up as there is no benefit from it on the leaderboards, in fact for the most part it hurts you. Right now we cannot attack players that are a lower level than us. Most of the high level players are cleaned out in trophies, those of us who are left are stuck attacking people with negative trophies only to gain 1 trophy in return. Put lower level players on the map and let us take back the trophies that we lost.

Or we should get compensation for the trophies that we lost. This would be fair towards high level players.


I don’t think gem compensation is going to work. What are we going to use gems on? More ambrosia so we can get a few more attacks worth 1 trophy? 

Dont get me wrong, I am happy they fixed some issues but a lot of damage has already been done

They applied a patch to fix the trophie system after lots of requests and complaints. It looked quite promising…and it seemed fixed. 

However, an awfull exploit was found by players, and they abbused and profited quite a lot from this. 

I know many players invested $$$ in the game and now you feel cheated. 

However, all the rage you display isnt constructive. Give them time. Let them work… Its a new, slow paced game… 



The problem isn’t with the levels of players around you or how many trophies they have. There are very fundamental problems with the way ascension levels work and the balance between troops, spells, invocations and buffs. Someone at ascension level 40 simply shouldn’t be able to overwhelm the defenders and defences of someone 15 levels higher than them. The ill thought patch on Friday simply exacerbated the issue as it became so easy for cheats to farm people for trophies (I lost around 500). The patch today is equally rushed and I’ll thought as it doesn’t actually address the core issues. The idea you can get back the trophies you lost by attacking people completely overlooks a) that those people were trophy farming by quitting out at the gate so in many cases you don’t have islands to attack and b)that you are very limited in the amount of trophies you can get back against them now. I lost 500 trophies due to the patch and those who exploited it to cheat and can get back less than 120 trophies if I take back all the islands I can see. Half of those are from one cheat who went from a 2000 rating to a 5000 rating over the weekend. 

What really frustrates me is that the Devs have no intention of doing anything about the cheating and obviously don’t see the weaknesses aren’t in the allocation of trophies but that ascension levels should be the primary requisite in fights. Someone at level 40 should only stand a chance of beating someone at 50 if they have exceptional upgrades and gear and the person at 50 doesn’t. Perhaps a system where the higher ascension level player gets 5% damage mitigation per ascension level difference? The problem is that currently the balance is so out of whack it really needs a complete overhaul.

Several points.

1.) I think FG is right to cater to the $5 crowd in addition to the $1000, per the OP’s metaphor. Both groups need each other. Both groups also pay the bills. See the YouTube video below for an explanation.

2.) I think the 6.6 patch is an error. As someone has pointed out elsewhere, previously FG to promised at least 3 trophies for a victory, but for me and other it seems, all victories are listed as 1 trophy only. I have not tested out whether this is reality because frankly, that is a waste of ambrosia.

3.) The Friday patch was actually a good patch for trophies. People just did as people do and exploited it, unfortunately. I thought about it and a agree that the best fix for that patch would simply have been to make a two key victory one trophy. This would destroy the incentive to constantly attack the same base as it would be more efficient to just attack other bases. Make two key victories award one trophy and three key full success should have been left alone. If someone is clever enough or rich enough to defeat a base in a three key victory, the better person won, let them have their trophies. Additionally, however, I think the defending base should get 3-5 gems per gem used to make it more fair with respect to trophy loss.

To the developers, I would like to request that this trophy patch be rolled back to the one immediately before it, but that the rewards to two key (two crown, two laurel reef, w/e) “raid” victory be reduced to a level that it simply is not worth it to exploit.

4.) I need more time to think about it, but I think it would be better to allow trophy count play a much larger role than Ascension level in matchmaking. Right now, there is almost zero incentive to level beyond early 40’s. Someone used to the game should realize why that’s the case, so I won’t explain here. I will say that is a really bad thing, though.

5.) Something needs to be done about the current leaderboard. I’m almost certain it’s completely trophy farmers. 

if I was raging I would have used much stronger language ?

I do get and agree with your points but yes, I am upset. The damage has already been done with trophies. 

What it is mostly is that players who spent money advancing in level are being kicked. That is not to say that lower levels haven’t spent money as well. 

There is no point in advancing in level in this game. Just look at the leaderboards, almost all of them are in 30-40’s, there is a reason for staying at a low level but won’t go into detail.

fixing surface details will not fix the core issues

all I’m trying to get across is an idea of switching matchmaking to trophy based, not dependent on level. Of course more details will have to be thought out as a level 20 cannot beat a level 60 if they have same trophy count. That way there is motivation to level up and move up in rank.

My apologies if my post came off as rage - was not my intention

All very good points



I didnt intend to call you rager in particular mate ? 

I belive that trophies reward or loss should have a fixed number, related to players ascension level, not trophies. 

Ex. Win/loss gives you +5/-5 trophies to the attacker, and the same to the defender.

If the defender has more lvl than you, you get a small plus (+2), but the defender doesnt loose any extra. This way you encourage raids. 

And to get trophies you need to get break the base… 2 keys give you 0, but +2 to the defender… 1 key or retreat gives you -5 and +5 to the defender…

just a thought… ?  

Hey all,

The trophy system changes over the weekend did not work out as we had expected. We can totally understand (and share) your disappointment and frustration at the way the system was exploited by some players, leading to great losses for many of you.

The update we made to the trophy system today was our first step towards fixing the outcome. We will make a further update tomorrow, including a fix which will give back trophies to players who dropped a long way down the Hall of Fame, and improve the overall availability of trophies in the game.

Obviously, we will try to do this in as fair a way as possible, but it will not be possible to 100% repair the damage for 100% of the players. This should, however, heal over the next few days, once this further update has been made.

So, straight from the developers - sorry!

Once the update tomorrow is through, if you still feel like the damage caused has not been satisfactorily fixed, please feel free to drop me a PM and I will try to make sure it’s dealt with, personally.


I Like this idea

so a total trophy count that you can win or lose is based on Ascension level and a small bonus in level difference

a level 30 attacking a level 35 and wins would yield 10 trophies

a level 70 attacking a level 75 and wins would yield 20 trophies

this would maybe push people to level up more as the trophies you can earn increases with level


You need to reset the hall of fame data completely not just restoring those who suffered back to where they were! There needs to be penalties for those who exploited the weakness in your system who benefited from this joke of an update. You also need to credit your paying players with free gems just to try to keep us from leaving the game entirely. as the desire to play has completely vanished for many of us!!

i still expect a full refund for everything i have spent because i feel personally victimized by the fact that your company does not care for their customer base one bit.

if you want to keep those who supported you you need to do alot more than just restoring our trophies, but at least that is a start!


Agree with Red5. I remain angry at watching all my hard work gaining trophies (and spending on gems too ) disappear in a couple of days. 

Flare games needs to do some serious damage limitation or risk losing countless spending customers. 


Still looks I’m losing more than I can make up with the current trophies I can from the enemy’s populating my islands.

I agree with RED5 and think the hall of fame needs to be reset. The update got exploited to much and I have no hope of getting back to top 10 (which I was in for 2 weeks solid) anytime needing over 2000 cups almost double my cups now.

I put good money on and have barely played last 2 days as it seems hopeless even trying to compete to stay in the top 100. 

Also I used to earn enough gold to buy green chests and keep up with ambrosia now I’m 200 cups from 3000 which I was happily above with no chance of getting back to 3000 today (unless defence starts doing wonders). Now I have to waste gems to keep up with ambrosia. 200 attacks maybe to get back 3000 cups. 10g x 200 attack is 2000g which is 2 million gold plus the 72% bonus from alliance makes it around 3.4 mil gold. That’s a lot of chests over the next few days I feel I’m losing out on. I believe this is only a conservative guess as it’s not accounting the gold I already lost and only if I can get bak to 3000 cups in 200 fights.

So not as much gold, having to use more gems for food ($$) and top players now have almost doubled my cups all seem a lot less appealing to play anymore.