attacking vs. tower guard question

I have a question about this. Right now I have been assigned as a tower guard on a tower that is under attack by 5 attackers but my actual toon is elsewhere and able to move and I think attack other battles. the tower battle is 15 hrs from finishing and my alliance is behind by only 300 skulls. My actual toon is within range to enter the tower title but my question is: can i enter and attack again with 5 new attacks even though i have used up the 5 attacks as a tower guard?  if i can move in and attack again im pretty sure i can tip the battle into our favor and if i can enter and attack will the 5 attackers be able to attack again my actual toon if it enters so they would get 6 total attacks each vs. my 10? thanks. 

You can enter the tile but you won’t be able to do any extra attacks.

Never go to a tower when you are the tower guard, when the tower is under attack! It’s the worst thing you can do: You cannot do extra attacks, and you are just trapped there until the war is over. Instead do other attacks or scouting, but keep in mind that you walking around and you in the tower share the same energy pool! If you drain your energy walking around, you can’t make your attacks as tower guard, and vice versa.