Attn lvl 85+ kings with 3500 trophies and 100k alli tower

Enigma, level 44 alliance and rank between 90-130 most of us drop trophies off season, is recruiting. We are looking for strong, loyal, and driven players to join our growing team. We are a mature group who enjoy working as a team and helping each other. Most of our guild is level 90+, 4000-5000 trophies, with 250k or higher alliance tower. We just expanded our alliance so we need to fill 3 more spots for this war season.

We run Storm Canons (level 4 boost) and Blazing knights (level 8 boost) 24/7.

During war time tons of boosts, but we don’t continue defensive boosts in off-season so we can upgrade our alliance every couple weeks. Boosted knights, canons, and season boosts is enough for us to easily farm gold off season.

Requirements: Level 85+ 3500 trophies 100k alliance tower Must participate in war 10/10. Donate daily English speaker

Please apply in game to join.