In the last calendar week I have had 4 high level players in our alliances contact me asking if I can find someone to play their account or announcing their retirement, that’s just in one alliance, Add that to the 10+ that have said the same over the last few months (since the last update) and it appears that there is something terribly wrong with the game, its structure, balance and the way that wars are set up, these are in general long term (one year+ in game players). I know for sure the same problem resonates through other alliances and that many people are having to play two, three, four or more accounts to keep an alliance running!!

Do FG realise what is happening to the game, that the path it is heading down is actually killing off many of its higher gem purchasing player? Yes you will be left with the few absolute fanatics that will spend enormous amounts just to keep one step ahead of less and less others that are willing to do the same. The way we are heading there will be a two tier society, those that spend/forge until their wallets collapse and those that play for fun, for free at lower levels with no intention of even trying to push to the top. A simple look at the mergers of alliances and those amount of alliances with less players than they have slots must tell you something is wrong.

Many long time players have identified the current issues in the game chests in the CoF, Skull bonus perks etc etc, thus far you have taken no action to remedy them, please listen to your players before you find that you have significantly less to listen to.

In terms of your new incoming players, think on this, there are continual complaints about jumpers, those that come into an alliance, mainly for boosts, and leave either just before or during a war … much as these player annoy and in some cases destroy alliances, if you take a step back to the origins of the game you can see why. At one point you could play this game as an individual, you didn’t need defence boosts or offence boosts to compete … now without both you cannot compete at ANY level. The guys that just want to play the game for fun, dip in and out as they wish with no commitment have no choice but to become “jumpers”, commit fully to an alliance … or leave the game.

FG is that what you want … is this game just about alliances now? You may as well announce that officially so those that want  to play just for fun can choose not to waste any more time playing.



You can see this is the “mergers”  that have taken place among the top 10 Alliances,  every game has a mortality rate (where players leave just because they move on / get bored etc)  but I agree RR2 player mortality rate has GREATLY increased recently,  many top level Alliances are struggling to find good /dependable players.  

Very sad and Flare doesn’t seem to know how or are too rigid to try something drastic to fix it  ?

yep the game is getting tiresome and boring …same thing week after week. i just log in 2 times a day collect and log out



Again I would like to strongly suggest to Flare that they NEED to add some kind of performance based incentive / reward into raiding. 

WHY not add a performance reward,  some ideas being -  

3 crowns = 3 chests in CoF

2 crowns = 2 chests in CoF

Speed of raid outside of war gives a speed bonus,  maybe 1% for each second left, so a 2minute raid gives you 40% more gold.  

Speed of raid INSIDE of war gives a speed bonus,  maybe 1 skull for each second left,  so a 2minute raid gives you 40 extra skulls.  

These would at LEAST add variety to raiding,  give teams a way to compete against better Skull perked teams in war and are EASY to implement for Flare without a huge upgrade / visual change to the game.  

PLEASE consider it Flare as many of us are only now playing this game out of loyalty to friends /team,  as the fun is dissapearing fast.  ?


So i’ll never get 3 chests only because a base has always those firebolt towers at the sides of the castle gate ? Doesn’t sound good to me =/

Wow so you never get 100% in war?  

Or you always attack low down so no one has the Firebolts guarding them? 

The POINT is yes to make it more difficult, and THEN reward someone if they complete the more difficult task.  

The crowns and chests system you mention is exactly how it works in Olympus Rising and it is amazing.

By doing this it would also please A LOT of players that wish to abolish the skulls from COF during wars. This way, by beating the base with either 3 or 2 crowns you are for certain getting skulls in your first chest without forcing you to gem it up, which making wars a very pay to win element of the game. Is it not enough that some players scroll like madmen just to get to the COF but when they get there they must spend even more gems.

If the base skull bonus is 2% and you raid a guy for 1015 after the 3 first raids it adds extremely little skulls per raid UNLESS you get lucky in COF or spend gems.

I also think the “unpredictable”  nature of a speed based skull bonus in wars would add to the excitement of very close battles in wars.

IF some players kept some raids back until near the end,  IF it’s close they could do a Heavy Scroll Timewarp raid to do a very very fast raid giving you lots of extra skulls. 

Normally when you see scores near end of a battle is predictable / boring as its pure maths on whether you will win /lose,  but this would add another element.  

True some teams could “game”  the system by just all Timewarping every single raid from the start,  but that’s basically what we have today anyways with top alliances kicking /replacing good long term loyal players purely based on skull perk %'s.

Which Btw is very very sad in my opinion. ?

Or better still remove TimeWarp time from the raid so you can NOT use that to gain a speed bonus.  


This is the irony. Drum said a very good and thought provoking thing about attrition and balancing alliances and we all are discussing about things that aren’t even close to discussing on what FG has done to this game.

New alliances die soon, new players are leaving. Jumpers give headaches to alliance leaders and generals.

At some point it is difficult to raid and enjoy the victory without having boosts. You tap on matchmaker and all it shows are players with all the boosts.

The top alliance player weaker than me is able to get 400-600 medals/match in leagues and I have to be complacent with 200 medals just because I decided to be loyal with my alliance.  According to FG, players should join only big alliances with all the boosts. What’s the motivation to join a lower ranked alliance - QUIT THE GAME ASAP??

To be fair, this game is ruined. It is not just the skullperks, the skulls in the chests and loserbonus, but also  the individual defensive and offensive perks that are possible. For me the game is no fun anymore. If it weren’t for my family at North, I would quit without a blink of an eye. Right now I think/hope my two week break starting after war will be sufficient.

I feel the same Vestij, complained for each one of the EVIL CREATIONs you mentioned and others (skull perks, skull chests, loserbonus, fiefdom/war system, perks on defense, perks on offense, blacksmith,  alliance tower costs etc) multiple times before they were even implemented, and now I pretty much gave up saying anything new since I know for fact that Flare won’t give a damn about it.

They destroyed a game of very high potential with their arrogance and greediness. Well deserved for them, but on the other hand I hate to see my friends here leaving because of this. One day I will be next.

It seems Olympus Rising is the next cash milking cow of Flare, but NOOOOOOPE, won’t fell in the same trap twice!



And what is the point of all the ranting? Flare know that most top level players won’t quit unless the entire “family” quit together, which won’t happen anytime near.

Lol, you think this was a rant? Please.

Caki -  I don’t think it’s ranting when long term active players state that they are disappointed / sad about the game and have thought about quitting,  it’s actually just sad ?

The reason for sharing their (and my)  disappointment is NOT as an empty threat " to quit if Flare don’t do something"  as you say people tried that very publicly before  and Flare called their bluff and those 100+ players just kept on paying & playing.   

Its more in a very probably wrong but still with a tiny amount of hope that Flare MIGHT listen and do some changes to help the game & their customers. 

Well, maybe not as loud as the broken record… just curious, how many “I’ll quit if…” cards do you and many top players have left to threaten FG?

one cold and hard fact tho, if you quit, someone else will take over your place, “life” goes on for your “family”, you’re not irreplaceable even with your hard bases and high skull perks…

i see… that’s good, keep the hope alive, like whitney and mariah once said in a song, there can be miracle, when you believe… unfortunately it didn’t work for whitney…


Wow Caki,  I have Snake Towers that have less poison in then you,  laughing at dead people,  nice.  

Enjoy your trolling.  

where and when did i laugh? that was an example of a cold hard truth. And it’s not trolling for showing you the facts and calling out on empty threats. What level are your snake towers by the way? must be the old max level.

Caki, the irony is … many of the top players have quit!!! Some totally like Shyong, Mr_UAE, Arayatron, etc, many though have quit but their accounts are being run by other individuals, this is a fact, many top alliances have a number of proxies in them run by one or many alliance members, therefore there are actually less than 60 players in the alliance itself, 60 kings yes but in some cases there could actually 50 or so players.

And Koonin, Razz, shemyaza, yongli and several “new” hardcore (i don’t remember seeing these names shining brightly in top 10 during Mr_UAE and older generations era) spender are happily take over the top 10, correct? And i do know about players in top allis are multitasking and sharing acc, which in my opinion, not really because the lack of new replacement, but they rather hang onto the old acc because they like the ability to control the donation and skull earning during war, especially with the sabotage and war tricks trend to win the war. 

And i do respect those players such as Shyong, Mr_UAE, Arayatron, and some others that really quit and “just do it” without any empty threats, unlike many in this forum that said they’ll quit if…, making goodbye announcement, but keep on coming back and playing (happened even to the one of the ex-mod) as if FG forced them to play. 

Out of curiosity though, what makes you keep playing? if i’m not mistaken, your main “family” is hibernating and most family members are merging with their mortal enemy, your main acc is inactive, so now i’m guessing that you’re only playing with your 2nd or baby acc, or playing the acc of players that really quit. What drives you to keep suffering in RR2 world? i hope it’s not just a plain glutton for punishment situation…

Caki, Dr Razz has been around a fair while I think, yes as far as I know Koonin is in some respects new, the others I have no real idea about tbh, but I believe there are less and less of the big spenders appearing and staying now, some arrive last a few weeks at the top then go, not that many hang around too long. 

As for me, my main “family” as you term them no longer exists as a family, my main account died when that alliance effectively died. Yes I do still play with a baby king, for fun, in a lower alliance with long term friends, many of whom are old “family” members. Like several of those friends I did plan to quit, but we as a group still enjoy playing at that level and enjoy each others company and humour, both in and out of the game. But as we have all said find us another game that we all enjoy we will head off there instead.