auction house

Auction houses, trade guilds, gannys little bag of wonders…


It doesnt matter what we call the it but i think the game could use a regulated in game market between players, to auction or flat price sell items to other players


this of course would need to have limits on the level range that you can trade with possible +/-2 or 3 levels no drastic jump in power(tho being able to see higher level players gear they sell may help get rid of some of that stigma against leveling)


It would probably be safest for flare to choose that the currency of the market be gems to ensure profit from the idea but id suggest that the player chooses what form of money to sell it for to further their personal goals


please let me know what you think




In my opinion this is a nice idea. Even with guild system, on which flare work on (and offered it as little information in this forum), it will be nice to support new guild members with sell things.

I think we will see how this guild system will work in future and maybe some ideas from this topic will be used for Item marked.

Good idea, although a bit hard to implement on a mobile game. But I would like to see something like that for sure.

so, should items be sold for money or traded for another item?

the idea was for money :wink:


It’s good idea. I don’t see that But If we want to use it, It’s have some problems. One of the problems is you can sell one of your cloth in Auction house and then in other account you can buy it for little money (you choose how much money) and other problem.

It’s good but it’s hard to work and maybe Flaregame can’t do this because some problems that they have.

I add it in my topic but I don’s know the notice to that.

Thanks for your idea.


I already discuss with killemog.

Way to solve,

Limit level of Item for King, to make low level king can’t use high level king’s item.

Income from Auction House at rate 1:10 of item’s cost, to prevent someone use Auction House to transfer currency to other account.

Limit level of King or Castle level to access Auction house, to make some player use this function to gain Gems or Pearls by build new account.


And… Auction house isn’t it? Who give highest price get that item, doesn’t it?


But problem of developer’s side… it’s out of our idea.

I like to dig up old posts.


Was just chatting with some members today about our gear, and thought it would be very interesting if you could trade or donate gear to your fellow alliance members.  I may have outgrown some pieces of gear that would be useful to help my fellow lower level members improve.


I guess one way this could be taken advantage of is a big cash or gem player could be a sugar daddy for their fellow members, but I’m not sure that this would happen, nor do I think it would cause much imbalance as legendary items are still rare enough that you could not equip all members of your team in a timely fashion.


The pro of this is that as my style changes and adapts I can pass on gear. You may say “just sell it for gold”, and while I sometimes hold gear that is worth 300,000 for sale on a rainy day, I can also just perform one attack for that. I’d rather help out my team.


Any thoughts on this idea?  Would it be implementable?  It could appear as a message in their inbox that someone is offering them gear and they can choose to accept or reject.


I also have other crazy ideas on alliance collaboration, like giving control of your defense (by giving permission with a certain time limit) for modification.  I’d love to reconfigure bases on behalf of some of my members, and I think they would welcome it.