Augmented reality

In “Olympus Rising” there is augmented reality (watch here) and I’d like that Flaregames add this feature also in “Royal Revolt 2”. It would be interesting to see own path, own buildings, Celestial landscape and ninja/zombie/yeti map.

That’s actually really cool though I think that would be VR (virtual reality) as opossed to AR. I would love to be able to walk around my castle and see my towers and the surrounding lands! I’m not sure if they would actually do it though because RR2 is a relatively old game. Its models/textures/shadows are designed for older gpus so they aren’t very detailed and probably wouldn’t get the “woah” factor that that video gave. If they were willing to update the assets it would be awesome! 

LOL i didn’t know in OR we have AR and I have no clue how that work and what you need to use this function. VR,AR,etc… its not my strength those technologies

You can get a basic VR headset for like $20 on amazon and that should be all you need. Any current mid to high end phone should be able to run it fine. My Xperia X kind of struggles with it (the game, haven’t tried the VR yet) though.

Actually this post is what made me download the thing a few hours ago lol