August/September Questions

  1. What can we expect in the future for new content? Will it be new heroes, islands, uniques, powers, units, or new competition challenges? A lot of ideas have been pitched in the past and most answers are ambiguous. Can we get some insights into some short-term projects and long-term ideas?
  2. With the various bugs being found by the community, can you implement a tracker in the forums to alleviate duplicate posts? Even if this is moderated by regulars, I think it would be a good idea to alleviate wasting time scrolling through duplicate posts.
  3. Everyone continues to complain about war and map matchmaking. This is obviously a major concern to the community, so can we get regular updates on how this will be solved?
  4. Most of the community doesn’t see what the devs are doing, maybe having something on this site will help us see. Like publishing what you currently are fixing or working on. My fear is that OR doesn’t get the attention it needs, and if this is the case, it would be nice to let players know if the game won’t be focused on.

For your last question, any perks you want to transfer are now visible.

If you are thinking of transferring specific perks via elimination, then its best you pick 3 on a main item ( absolutely avoid a ring ), and get 2 out of 3. For sure, those perks are not in the game so you can’t get them on an item and then use the item to refine the unique.

If you are still not satisfied with that, because you want something 100% , I have a work around. Lets assume you want to transfer DR and Demo. Make a silver item (not ring) with those two. Refine the unique and one of them will transfer. Then make a new silver item with those two again, and refine it a second time to add the second perk.

Your downside, is that 2 silver refinings, are not giving the full potential of a gold unique. I would personally do the 2/3 idea. You can waste some more items and do a silver and then a GOLD refining, but I am not sure of the outcome on that… uniques behave a bit weird when you already refined them.

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i came to the same things you mentioned and sadly none of them would satisfy me. i hoped that i missed a thing.
and the behaviour of re-refining uniques (silver to gold) is indeed strange and there are still open questions about that.
thx for your time once more.

so it would then take 2 out of 3 and build/change other stuff towards the outcome or use it just pur and unrefined for max farming.

Well, its worth some tests. Ive done some with other uniques, the results are strange. It maybe straight forward result, but visually we don’t see that.

Personally, I wouldn’t refine it. Wisdom is so rare, I would use that at max effect. However, for the gem/wisdom combination unique, if you can double refine it and still get 1 gem, that may be worth it. Again not 100% sure I would refine it.

The gem/wisdom outcome is 1 gem afaik, or seen. I doubt that goes to 2 even at 150 and max/upgrade. I also doubt it would drop from 1 when refined…

The other problem you would face is how to fit it on a not-overbuild AP hero… I can imagine Helen/Cadmus/Ariadne… kinda hard to do it with others.

Its a well planned play from devs.

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Q: Does DR on GK reflects damage from hero’s spells?

Q: when i uncurse a cursed item, is the probability of having a rare perk (demo/frostbite/damage reflexion/spell power) the same compared to have a (boosted) standard perk ?
If the probability is different, can you share % probability for each perk?

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It’s 57% chance to be cursed if I recall correctly. And the GK does reflect damage from spells. Reflect will reflect everything but reflected damage

A: The base chance of getting a Unique is 1%. Every time you get a Titan item that is not Unique, this chance increases by 0.2% (so 1.0% -> 1.2% -> 1.4% and so on) until you find one.
The fact that you mostly get Uniques for Ariadne and Prometheus is very unfortunate. All items for all Heroes have the same drop chance, only the trinkets are much rarer.

This was an answer from the previous list of questions. You don’t mention sea titan chests. Do they still provide an added chance of finding a unique or are all titan chests the same now?

Also, the most recent version of the game it was state that the chance of finding uniques was reduced. Is that still the case? So the chance should be less than 1% for normal chests and less than 2% for sea titan (assuming sea titan still have a better chance). Can you give us exact percentages after the last update?


I think they have mentioned before that they offer double the chance, but that’s a good question, so we can be sure of the numbers.


regards to the limit for perks you mentioned here:

Q: does this limit depend on the original perk / player level you had when the item/perk dropped, or will this limit increased/adopted with respect ro the actual player level everytime you transfer the perk (e.g. several levels later) to a new item?


Great question

What are the chances of finding a cursed item in the game and what is the best possible way to find one too?

He answered that one on June July questions. There’s a % for each color for every single one you get, doesn’t matter the source.
I don’t remember for every color but
1% green
10% titan
Don’t know the others, but it’s smth in between those two

Thanks buddy. Strange i never find cursed items as mentioned by CM.

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I thought that it’d be fun to find out the answers by one’s self. It’s about data collecting and observation skills :wink:.

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Are developers planning on bringing a new hero any time soon to OR?

if you are on a halt level or already max level before you have started to do this there is no way to figure out on your own without getting informations shared by other players or making another account.

edit: in addition it would be interesting if the cap is related to the number of levels that have been forged onto the perk (c.f. last q&a) or due to a max. number kf the perk. it might be the same or not, depending on how they consider color change boosts. (its a pending question)

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I’ll put this question where it actually belongs:

If this is true, why does increasing AS on a GK above 130% decrease LOH? It should just not increase LOH (and increase damage), but it dramatically decreases LOH. Am I misunderstanding you?


imho it is either due to a mistake not considering that perseus has a basis AS >130 or an intentional nerf for perseus GK. did not test it for others.

It’s all of them.

I think it probably is a mistake of some sort. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.