Aura Items while using a Royal Guardian

I just opened this thread, since I needed some confirmation that the Kings Aura items work while using the Royal Guardians.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to confirm this, so I’m asking if the community if you can help me confirm this, preferably with in-game footage.

Here’s the following type of aura items I’m referring to:

  • PerkHealAura Heal Aura, from the “Chloris ring”.
  • PerkLifeDrainAura Life Drain Aura, from the “Vincent’s Prize ring”
  • PerkFireAura Fire Aura, from “Dragon’s Prism ring” or “Forgeheart ring”. 
  • PerkFearAura Fear Aura, from the “Return to Flesh ring” (obtained via dungeon)
  • PerkBombKickAura Bomb Kick Aura, from the “Zelos ring”
  • etc.: other auras

I think that the Heal Aura keeps healing the hero, despite we can’t see it while using a Royal Guardian (we’re seeing the Royal Guardian HP bar instead :slight_smile:  )

My main doubts reside on the other auras, since I don’t remember ever kicking back a bomb or dealing damage with an aura.

I opened this thread, to clear my doubts about this and to update the new Royal Guardians Wikia page accordingly :grinning:

Thanks in advance.

I think all healing items don’t work while using gardians. You have the feeling you where healed at the end of gardians time because, you don’t take any damage for a few sec and so right at the moment you dismount the natural regeneration kicks back immediately.

I don’t think that’s it Alumbri.

It takes a while for a Heal Ring to heal you into full HP, so I’d notice if it started healing gradualy , but I’'ve seen it happen to me several times that:

  1. I summon the Royal Guardian with for example 1/2 HP (or even less)
  2. The Royal Guardian mode ends and my HP bar is  instantly  full.

So this is either the Heal Ring that kept healing for the whole Royal Guardian mode duration, or else it was some other source of healing.

Like for example: Nemesis Healing puddles in my case.

This is all just a wild guess, thus I wanted to her some other opinions too :stuck_out_tongue:


Heal aura doesn’t heal while guardian is active, pals do.

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As far as I know, ALL auras keep working when the Guardians are summoned


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I did some quick tests just to be sure…





Also tested Life Drain and Bomb Kick aura, but forgot to take screenshots, both of them also worked while Guardian was activated.

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Thanks a lot for testing it out @Darkerion!

This is exactly what I needed and at least now we’re fully sure it works  B)

I was under the impression the bomb kick aura didn’t work at least… but I guess I was wrong :wink:

Guardians have more health than king, so heal aura and life drain aura are less considerable.

This has never ever happened to me.

Heal aura ring, life drain items and monk’s heals never healed my king during in Guardian mode.

I didn’t test Phoebe/Tammy pal’s heal, Nemesis’ blessing, Bela pal, tent boost healing, life drain ring, Blessing scroll and other special boosts (like the arblaster or Wolf blessing boosts).



The auras seem to work in Guardian mode, but they only affect your surroundings, they do not affect your own king.

Yeah, this seems to be the case at least according to Darkerions screenshots.

I guess the heal I received can only be from Nemesis blessing.

If that’s the case, surely it must be a bug?


It probably is ?

Hey guys,

We looked into the issue and, indeed, you were right it is a bug. Actually neither healing items nor Pals should heal the Hero while using a Royal Guardian. The issue has been added to our database.