Austrian Fighters sucht DICH!!!!

Hallo, du spielst RR2 auch so gerne wie wir, dann komm und bewirb dich bei den Austrian Fighters!

Wenn ihr aus anderen deutschsprachigen Ländern kommt ist das auch kein Problem!

Also worauf wartest du?

That alliance name doesn’t do so well in English…


Masterchief I know that you invited only Deutsch people…but to avoid any problem I translate (I’m not Germany but I studied Germany) your invite…


“Hi, you play RR2 glady as us so come and enjoy the Austrian Fighters! If you come from another german-tongue country it isn’t a problem! So that, what are you waiting for?”…more or less this… :slight_smile:

Google translate says you mean this:


"Hello, you’re playing RR2 even so much as we do, then come and apply yourself at the Austrian Fighters!

If you are from other German-speaking countries it’s no problem!


So what are you waiting for?"

Native German-speaker here.

"Hello, you like playing RR2 as much as we do, then go ahead and apply at the Österreichische Kämpfer!

If you come from other German-speaking countries that’s no problem either!


So what are you waiting for?"


Though I guess with that much English translations we might shy German-speaking players away… :wink:


Good luck with your alliance! / Viel Glück mit deiner Allianz :slight_smile:

Ich suche eine Aktive Allianz - Ich bin sehr aktiv immer im spiel und spende auch immer im Spiel “Chris_LT”