Auto Battle

Noticed few things with auto battle, not sure if thread has been made about it yet

Promethues Towers - Heroes will get stuck right at the base of the tower after its destroyed for a couple seconds. It also happens when the heroe is chasing bombs to kick back sometimes. Not a huge deal as you can just turn it back on manual and  run a few feet then turn on auto again

Fist of Power - Athena will occasionally completely miss a target and hit nothing with this power on auto battle. I can understand if it was a moving troop but it’s a tower most of the time with no enemies around, a stationary object… Don’t know if this happens with other powers

Hydra Towers - this one could be nitpicking but when the Hydra tower goes into “hiding” the hero will just stand there and wait for it to come back. They don’t attack anything else even when there’s chaos around

I understand auto battle isn’t perfect nor should it be. You have to know when to take the reigns but these are just a few things I see consistently

Hello Detri,

Thanks a lot for your report and your feedback.

Regarding the first two points, they will be fixed with the next version of the game :slight_smile:

We do not want the autoplay mode to be overpowered, playing by yourself should still be the best way to win :grinning:

Would also be nice if there was a setting to turn off auto spells… would love to manually control the spells while its on autobattle.

This would be more a suggestion than a bug, don’t you think? :grinning:

I got a suggestion…