Auto-Comparison of New Gear vs. Equipped Gear

As new gear arrives, new players may find it hard to gauge if it is better than the current, equipped gear. Would it be possible to present a comparison info (as illustrated below) on the new gear popup, please?

Currently, for manual comparison, we need to collect the incoming gear first and then visit the Inventory to check one by one. With this auto-comparison, we get to know right away if we need to collect the gear or sell it right away. Often, as we collect multiple gear, we run out of Inventory Slots, and compelled to buy additional slots, only to find later that the new gear was not worth the 5Gs. 

( PS : “Collect” is simpler than “Get It”.)

I like it. Exactly like in Diablo 3. When you find new items just look what the item have in green and in red. Easy to know if you must equip it or not. However in OR its not really necessary. I don’t see what this can offer in OR? when you have a Armor of 15,456 HP and got a armor of 19,678 HP. You know 19,678 is better you don’t need info for this. Like Resistance if you have Ice Resist you don’t need info screen to know you will lose ice resist if you switch for Fire Resist

Nice on paper but in the game. I don’t see what this suggestion can bring to the game sorry. Keep suggest I love you way to present stuffs with screenshot

Thanks, @Warriornator, for your encouraging words. However, about the comparison, it’s not as simple as it appears. 2 reasons:

First, reg. the suggestion itself being redundant, perhaps you did not scroll down to the paragraph below the graphic. So, here it is… ☺️

Second, consider this scenario… 

  • Equipped Gear  = 1234 Damage & 5678 Life On Hit.
  • New Gear = 2345 Attack Speed & 6789 Regeneration.

Here, the comparison is not straight-forward. Besides the obvious +/-  on the visible stats, I’ve noticed that this new gear also impacts both Damage & Health stats. The calculation is done at the backend. I would like it to be presented upfront before I accept/ collect it to hog a gear slot. ☺️

Its really a great idea but for me just the fact the number are in green when they are better is enough.I don’t need more. for this aspect of the game. No change is necessary. the rest of all the others idea are really great. Continue :slight_smile:

already I hate the equip all add. Make me lose more time than before combine with preset is a horrible add. i always click equip all by mistake and must change them again and again. I think a change like this will make me lose more time even more to read all just for 1 item. So when you buy a pack of Hero with over 40 items. I don’t want to take 1 hour just to check one by one item. I just want to click take it or sell it the more faster possible

I’m unsure. Are the stat values on the new gear color coded? I didn’t notice (as I have deuteranopia.) ?

I think you use 3 different gear on the 3 gear sets for a hero. Great! But, newbs & junior-level players may not use 3 sets (they can’t afford 3x gear slots for each hero), but just 1 set across all 3. So, as a junior player, I love the Equip All addition. It really saves me the trouble of manually changing gear on each of the 3 gear sets one by one. Perhaps, it is useful for those who don’t click that button by mistake. ☺️

Interestingly, your scenario is exactly one of the use cases where the comparison will be helpful. As you open 40 items rapidly one after the other, you need to decide whether to keep it or sell it. The comparison enables that. Else, you will need to collect all 40, then go to each hero’s Inventory and manually compare one by one to decide. Or am I missing something here, my friend? ?