Auto-donate feature

Make “auto-donate” a feature in alliances. This way, people who are away from their devices can donate from their treasure chamber while they’re gone (until gold has run out). 


Also, it makes donations less of a hassle for long-time members. 


Finally, it lets us know if a player is more loyal to the alliance. 


The feature should be switch-able, of course, for those who are amassing gold for an upgrade or who like to donate manually. 


(Yes, for some who donate 250k+ this will mean only a few donations but for others it would be great. Maybe a 1.5M Chamber is in order, though.)

I’d just be happy if the cooldown was only 23hr 30min. That way I wouldn’t lose so much time each day

I don’t think auto-donation is a good idea, logging on and manually giving gold to your alliance is part of how you show your loyalty, but it could be considered for players who have been part of the alliance for more than one month and also donated very frequently in that time.


And also, as a leader I can say that it’s not necessary a new feature like “show how loyal someone is”, as a leader/general you should be able to see who are the best players you have, but they could add some information that in some way might help us study each member and then determine easily who’s better.


Loyalty is only part of it, but not all. Forget the loyalty part and the other points still stand. No need to argue every little detail.


It’s just helpful, especially for alliances who have people who go on vacation, will be away from their home PCs while on a business trip, have Internet outages (happens sometimes, but maybe not in your part of the world), and so forth. 


The ability to auto-donate is self-limiting by the treasure chamber so it can’t be used to create “donation zombies”, etc. You still have to log in frequently to keep it going. The game can also limit the auto-donations to 5 to prevent donation cheating. 

Either cooldown lower to 23h30min or a auto-donate feature. Also, it will be great if upgrades will auto-collect, so you can have stronger turrets sooner… 


They don’t like auto type function though, put pressure on their sever. 

I want “auto-attack”, “auto-upgrade”, and “AUTO-WIN” keys :slight_smile:

Actually a very good idea,because it is frustrating to see players login ,play but always forget to donate.and then leader or general are forced to remind donation can be very useful feature.

hey I have alread suggested this feature in some earlier thread

I have this on my improvements list, pinned in the suggestion area. Feel free to add this there to so I can put your name on the improvement.