Auto fight mode

May be there should Auto fight mode available , system automatically attack by seen our level , forged unit , spell , and hero gear ,

And give results in some seconds ?


2)  or may there will be a skip mode , so it gives results in 2 secs.

There’s no reasonable way to accurately guage who will win a battle beforehand because your strategy is orders of magnitude more important than the strength of your units, so you really can’t just boil player’s strengths down to numbers. Then there’s scrolls and revives and all that that a system can’t tell whether you would use them to win or not. This would also make the game much, much quicker and flare doesn’t want that. RR2 just isn’t the kind of game that could have something like this and still be fair and balanced, even if such a system would be possible to create.

No, no, no! I hate this feature. It’s a horrible idea, and i would know, cause for the short time I played OR, it just made no sense. It was completely random, and it leaned to the side of OP more than just simply bad

And, about the skip idea. Why don’t we just remove attacking out of the game altogether and just spin a wheel to see if we win or lose?

Sorry, but this feature could not be really implemented in an “efficient” way.

The amount of combinations you can do while attacking, timings of spells and units, to run ahead of your troops or not, to avoid stuff or just don’t…

You can’t accurately randomize how your hero will behave and still expect a win.

If they could implement this, it would probably be only for low levels (<1000 range), where it’s just hit and run and you win easy peasy.

For anything above that range, the auto-play would be just another way to lose bread  

in Olympus Rising the auto play work very well and the double speed autoplay too. Maybe because of how the game is make

in RR2 a auto play. I don’t know maybe can work if its done like in OR but too much factor in RR2 who make not possible a auto play 

  • More towers and boosts :  I don’t know how can react a computer against a base of 21 towers with 46 Morales waves

  • Bomb Tower and Skull Tower : You need to play manual to push back all bombs and skull bomb. in OR computer cannot do it just for 1 (not always) so imagine if computer must deal with 10 bomb or 30 skulls bomb. Your king will be dead in few seconds

  • Revive : in OR auto play work because revive use Ambrosia and not gems. in RR2 revive cost gems. So I guess no one will trust AI at this point

and maybe others factor

 Would like a mode that you can just raid all the time without coming back to home screen would be great. Could be part of the auto fight generator.

Now that isn’t a bad idea. It would save you a bit of time (not that much, but still). You have “Back to Kingdom” and “Continue Scouting” buttons added in to the game. It would help for when you need to quickly attack in the war

Nooo… the one thing that makes RR the best of the games is you doing the actual battles. Unlike all those stupid pick a card and auto battle games. Most important part of this game is the skill of the battle!!!

Yes we just want to be able to do it faster instead of 5 thousand clicks to get to a battle. Should be able to return to the tier group instead of main screen.

Can’t even think what this idea would to game. Silly, silly idea. Hope nobody in Flare takes this seriously. Seems like few of your last ideas were not that good (don’t want to use “terrible “ expression). I am sure that’s indication for you to stop making them up. 

Lol, so what u want, 

Making same and same topics again and again

Like for balanced base, trophy , medals, pro league , gold, new units etc etc.

Even, i suggest some new stuff  may be nobody likes it

No big deal !?

No, no, no! We all need new ideas suggested, keep on suggesting Rahul :grinning:  

Also , wanna know about u , what’s in ur mind , give some suggestions , to make game better 

To make more fun 

Give some , if it is good we all appreciate.

Its soo easy to say NO to every topics but instead of this , give ur opinions

Soo what u r , a blank paper ! 

Or u only come in forums and copy a word     NO/ Bad idea ,  and paste on every topics.

Wow!! You really let yourself go didn’t you? Not going to start war with you, bit more mature for this but if you really want to know I do like this game as it is keep playing every day with same interest in it. Part of a great alliance with great people. I do wait for updates as much as anyone who enjoyes this game and I look at things in “real mode” so I I think that something is out of this world I will say that. I did not called you a blank paper or copy / paste person cause I see no reason for doing this. You can now reply to this if you want but remember o have life outside this forum so do not expect me to sit tight and wait for response I may see it later. So don’t post too many posts one will be enough. 

Wish you all the best.