Auto-play turn off auto power


I love the autoplay feature as it speeds up my raids and I can continue on with my real life activities, such as staring at walls.

Now, I believe this suggestion can improve the effectiveness of autoplay for all users:

  • Ability to toggle auto-powers usage inside the autoplay feature, with a secondary button next to the speed up feature or in the game settings tab.



Autoplay is great for speeding up attacks but it autoblasts a lot of the hero powers in moments I typically would not, losing some close battles.

An example would be Bia being popped as soon as it is available.  Sometimes this is better saved for when H of T converts troops to her army but autoplay does not line this up commonly because it is always autopopping Bia after its cooldown.

If you could toggle this feature off, it would allow you to choose when to activate a power and hold some control over these autoplay battles.


Thank you!

It actually doesn’t do this, although it also doesn’t time bia for opportunities the way you want it too.  It will hold on to an available cast of bia until the previous cast runs out, which is often after you have a new one available if you have high cooldown. You don’t have enough cooldown for AP, that’s the problem you’re having. It fixes all the issues you’re having. 

I partially see your point there but I still believe this would feature would be potentially helpful.  

Another example:

If Damocles is available it will auto-pop as soon as a building is within reach resulting in the power hitting only one building.  If I could wait 3 more seconds to use the power myself I could hit a few more buildings and barricades/wave enemies.

I also think having a higher refresh stat on gear isn’t the answer all because there are new players and I find it difficulty to believe everyone can have a high enough refresh to where this feature would not be helpful.


The devs have stated many times that it’s a conscious design choice to have autoplay be less effective than manual play. There was a time early in the game’s life where AP was clearly superior to manual play. The devs didn’t want AI to be more effective than a skilled human player, so they dumbed it down. There are ways to set up most heroes to make them effective in AP. It requires understanding how the AI works and correcting for its weaknesses. It also means sacrificing some things that might make your hero more effective in pure manual play. Or it means dedicating a lot of time and resources to over-forging your hero. But it’s possible for most heroes. 

In your Damocles example: Damocles has a very fast cooldown. In AP, you should never stress over sub-optimal placement of a single cast of Damocles, because the next cast should be almost ready to fire anyways if you have enough CD gear on your hero. Does that make sense?

A lot of lower level folks don’t have the resources to be refining for 75% cooldown.  Its obviously possible but at the speed with which one gains levels up to a certain point it’s not the best use of resources.  The option to customize the autoplay a little would be a great feature.  I don’t think this feature would make the AI more effective than a human player as the player would still have to cast the powers.  Otherwise they’d get destroyed pretty quickly.

You don’t need 75% cooldown to do anything in this game. You do, however, need to make cooldown a priority on many of the heroes to make them effective in autoplay. That means choosing cooldown over other perks, even if a different perk feels stronger to you or feels more efficient when playing manually. 

Does that mean any player can beat any defense in autoplay? No… I think most players probably want to have an autoplay build and a manual play build for most of their heroes. Some heroes just really aren’t suited to autoplay in any situation, as well. I think Ajax and Artemis were deliberately designed to stymie autoplay. I don’t think Hercules works well in autoplay, even with high cooldown. He runs back and forth too much.  There’s one very specific build which used to work pretty well with Herc AP, but it hasn’t been effective in a long time as far as I’m concerned. That doesn’t make Hercules a weak hero. He’s arguably the best. He just doesn’t lend himself well to AP. Manual casting of spells wouldn’t change that. 

Also, starting a match on AP, walking away from your device, and hoping to come back to collect your chests isn’t ever a great strategy. You still need to monitor the match and break out of ap to manage specific threats. You’d still need to do this if spells were manual, because the AI would still be positioning your hero, and most likely in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

I agree with what you said, but in your previous post you seem to argue against a semi-auto mode (manual powers) by saying high cooldown is the answer.  It’s not really a valid argument against implementing a manual powers option.

Perhaps the devs can give an answer why this isn’t a good idea, other than maybe being too busy with other stuff/low priority.

It’s been suggested a million times. They’ve always said they’re pretty happy with the way AP is right now. 

If they did something to make AP more effective in one way, they might nerf it in another way. That could end up being a disaster. It’s good the way it is now. 

I’m sure a million is a slight exaggeration. Lol.  If it has been suggested it hasn’t been for quite some time and there certainly hasn’t been an official flare response about it for quite some time.  Am happy if you provide a link to their reply tho.

It’s fine if you like it the way it is, but someone else might not agree with you.  How exactly does it affect you if this option gets implemented?  Leave it off if you don’t want it.

It’s been asked and answer a ton. They commented specifically on it in the December q&a

It’s an idea. No big deal. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

I checked the Q&A you mentioned.  They actually didn’t say they are happy the way it is.  They said it has been asked for, they are looking at it although it wouldn’t be in the next version.  So, it’s on the table. Thanks for the info.

And that any changes would be a low priority. Look in the October q&a. They say AP is fine. They’ve said it’s fine as is dozens of times going back years. 

I told you what they said in the latest one. It’s on their list.

This is what they said in December for all those interested:


Can we modify the Auto-Play a tiny bit? Can you split it ** in**** 2 parts as follows: Semi-Auto (where the heroes moves and attacks with normal attacks but YOU must use the spells) and Full-Auto (As it currently is).**

This is something many players have asked for, so it is certainly on our watch-list. However, we can’t guarantee that such a feature would make it into the next version.

The issue I see is that Caddy/Helen are easy to be full AP with their uniques (cd uniques) but other heroes are programmed very badly on AP.  I mean for example Achilles hardly bothers to use his shield power. Herc runs back and forward attacking troops and barricades. 

Basically you get Cadmus armour or Helen’s boots - then you can farm easily/gain trophies/upgrade quicker.  It’s such an advantage, especially when the boredom strikes and manual attacks aren’t appealing.  I think the heroes being programmed differently is part of the problem. 

That says that they’re thinking about it. Not that they’re making any change. 

What do Helen and Cadmus have in common? High cooldown. Focus on units over direct damage. Hmm…I’m sensing a pattern here. 

I think Achilles does fine in AP. And Ariadne is at least as good as Cadmus/Helen, maybe better. 

I never said they were making a change.  You said they were happy with it which they’ve never said anywhere that I can see. 

In any case, it’s a good idea (manual powers) and I hope they do add it some day.

I don’t actually agree with you here, for example Caddy always uses his power with no delay at all, Helen also makes good use of her power and uses it frequently, but I can count the number of times Achilles would use his power on one hand…