Auto Strike

Was the forced auto strike intended or a bug.  I went in to alliance wars once and it tried to force me to start a strike but picked it for me ne wouldn’t let me change.  Seems that interferes with strategy.

Also.  It would be nice to see status of other ongoing battles on the map.  Would also help with strategy.


It is possible to pass through this by tapping on the Sigil, then on the Strike button.

After this you get a screen where you can confirm if you wish to start a Strike or not.

by just tapping on “Cancel” you can get past it. :grinning:

Hey Mcgillicut7y,

The issue you had was a bug in the Tutorial if another General or Officer in your Alliance was running the tutorial at the exact same time. We will be fixing this as soon as possible, but it should not occur for you again.

We will also be looking into the warmap readability and seeing how we can improve it in the future.