Auto update bugs on iOS 11

Hi to all,

during the last 3/4 days, everytimes i connect to the game at the frequency of at least 4/5 times a day, a download of 60MB started automatically and ironically it said ‘ this data will be downloaded only once’. 


@TXSturzio can you please confirm how much free space you have left on your device?

Thanks for the reply CaptainMorgan 

Almost a GB right now and the issue is following, today it has already happened twice.

@TXSturzio in iOS there is a feature from Apple which automatically deletes app data if your storage is running low. Low is under around 15-20% of your total storage, so even if you only have 16GB you need to keep at least 2-3GB free or it will start deleting the files we download. At the moment we are unable to do anything about this, but we are looking at solutions at least to make it less likely that the Olympus Rising files will be chosen for deletion.

Unfortunately, we believe this feature to be more aggressive in iOS 11, meaning it deletes files earlier and more often.

Here’s an official response from Apple about the feature:

Your iPad will clear the cache of the less often used apps. There is no way to control which apps have their cache cleared or when. The best way to avoid this is to free up enough space to have plenty of free space for the iPad to operate efficiently.

It is recommended that you have 15-20% of the storage space on the device free. For a 16 GB device that is 2.4-3.2 GB free. For a 32 GB device that is 4.8-6.4 GB free. For a 64 GB device that is 9.6-12.8 GB free.

Problem solved

thanks again

what about the new update?