Automated Welcome Message to New Alliance Members

"Newb Enablers" series

Not for my chatty alliance, but for the sake of monastic alliances that pride themselves on the power of “Silence”, I submit this for the kind consideration of our esteemed developers.

When a new member joins an alliance, like in real life, it would be nice to welcome the new entrant. But, this may not be possible for all, all the time. If a standardized message from the alliance founder is automatically sent to the common alliance chat addressing the new member, others may join in & greet the newb, making him/ her feel comfortable quickly. Extending my previous suggestion, here’s the illustration for your quick understanding: 

The character limit for this automated message can be the same as that for the general chat message. 

Thanks. ☺️

This is a GREAT suggestion. 


@ AriesRising I like your latest ideas and suggestions to improve the game.

Think of something that can be done with the balance of the game )

Thanks for the encouragement.

Well, I’m still learning the mechanics of the game, so I may not yet be qualified to comment on game balancing. That’s why my suggestions are predominantly from a new player’s POV (interface, navigation, presentation, etc.), making it easier for newbs (i.e., the newb enablers). ☺️

Even in the one earlier game were I am well versed with its mechanics, I found the balancing to be reasonable. I also found that various groups of vocal veterans in that game’s forum pushed their own agendas, often with conflicting results. So, over the years, I have learned to take the considered stance that game developers know best. This is my humble opinion, and mine alone. Nonetheless, I appreciate your asking. ☺️

(_ PS : Your quote of my OP is in Cyrillic text… awesome. Hope it translated correctly_. ?)

@AriesRising thanks for all this suggestion. You give enough work to CaptainMorgan until version 6.0. ?