Automatic requirements onto Alliances

This is a problem that many popular alliances have: Dozens of newbs applying ever day, even the guild is way out of their league. For example, I just passed the 3,000 trophy mark, and started the Alliance Tower upgrade that will allow me to donate 500k per day, and yet, I keep requests from all these newbs who have 500-800 trophies, who donate 1k-2k per day, asking to join my alliance. And don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against newbs, but it’s just annoying as heck when you’re trying to advance your guild to the top ranks, and you get flooded with requests from people who would never quality. This is what causes most top alliances, such as SK and Vanguard Legion, to have to be Invite Only.

The point I’m trying to make here is, I want for Alliance leaders to be able to set requirements for their guild. For example, mine would be that you have to have 1,500+ trophies and 20k+ per day donations. And then, anyone who doesn’t meet the alliance’s requirements, wouldn’t be able to apply to the alliance. This would make it SO much easier on leaders of popular alliances, and would allow alliances like SK and Vanguard to be Apply to Join again without getting spammed to heck.

If anyone’s curious, no, I do not have a top alliance, I’m the Bronze League record-holder (someone, for the love of IYDH, please take it from me). And for those of you interested in my donation amount, no, I’m not available for invite either (: Sorry



dozens requests per day, maybe 200


And we even can’t write a description, that we are only russian alliance.


It is bull shit, sitting and sorting it every day. All day

Another point.

Suppose a request comes from a person.

But the man is in a different alliance.Perhaps the Russian player.But how do I know that he is a Russian?I have to invite him.He must leave his alliance.Then he comes to us.I catch him chatting.Get know that he is not Russian.And dismiss him.He remains without an alliance.

I lost a lot of time.F***ing awesome procedure!

It all takes a lot of hours.While we need to keep at least one free space.

Agreed… You don’t even have to be a top alliance to get murdered by requests…



We should be able to filter people based on donations because you can’t see a persons donation amount if there not in an alliance…


This makes it hard for people without an alliance to join one and stay once in since they’re basically a wildcard…


You sure? I got a good seat open for you. Top 20 alliance, so were up there, but still got work to do…

Jus’ saying…


A couple of addition settings in the Manage screen would suffice.  One filter for Trophies.  Another for donations.  All applicants have to meet both in order to apply 

This sounds reasonable. I will pass this on.


Don’t forget about alliance’ description, that is visible only inside alliance!