Automatic troops

I would like to see a way where we can lock one of our troops so it keeps spawning when ever morals are high enough. I have to tap the hell out of my phone for low moral troops:) This cost flare nothing and it would make it a lot better on my poor phone.


And how do you think to turn that off when you suddenly want other troops? I bet when this is introduced other players will complain that a troop they don’t want is spawned due to this option and demand an option to turn it off.

I know the feeling, tapping endlessly on the spawn knights button, but maybe when you have summoned that many knights already it’s time to use other troops. When I summoned lots of troops already I sometimes don’t need more units. It’s because I protect the troops and when they don’t die I don’t need many extra.

The morale bar is lots of times completely filled again. So then I just hit the troop that gives most firepower or destroys defending troops at choke points to cleanup the road ahead.


Dena, I was thinking that if you hold it down it turns red an locks that troop and then tap another troop to turn off. About people complaining, They could give everyone 50 gems a day and people would complain. I read enough on the forum to know this. Windows users would want 60 because the games unfair to them and half would say flare is cheap to just offer 50:-)

A lock is an option indeed. I am also used to a touch screen, only I use a tablet instead of a phone. Even with 14k+ leadership I can manage to tap on a troop very fast, only problem you face is that probably you won’t see a lot any more by the constant need of tapping. I would experience a lock as a not so handy feature.

I sometimes deliberately wait with spawning troops, I want a bunch of troops to be summoned at once. Better to get a close pack of troops and then spawn troop instead of auto summon them.

Say this lock feature is added plus activated so you automatically spawn knights as soon as the morale is ready. The knights pop out one by one and run forward in a line, run towards the choke point where a bunch of storm cannons is waiting for them. With this auto option on, you can say goodbye to all your spawned knights. When you wait instead and spawn them as a pack when enough morale is there, the cannons have many targets and I bet a lot of them will pass unharmed. Also, with auto spawn active and frosters at a choke point, no troops will ever arrive at the hero, unless it’s ranged troops who outshoot the frosters and other troops waiting for them, but even arbs summoned one by one will be killed that way. Timing and waiting make a big impact to the strategy and waiting a few seconds could mean the frosters move on and your knights pass the chokepoint safely.

As a Windows user I say, what I never got I won’t miss. You won’t hear me complain about other players getting a bunch of gems by using tapjoy, video for a free raid and so on. When I am really desperate and urgently need gems, I simply buy them, since I understand also that a business can’t live solely from air. Having said that, last year I didn’t spend a single dime on buying gems since I only spend them when required.

I was joking about Windows users did know you are one. I understand where you are coming form, but you can still just turn it off till you build up enough morale point than turn it off and on as needed. I think where I need it is when I run ahead and use spells. I don’t want to have to keep hitting a the troop button. I don’t think flare will add this. They make me hit that house 100 time for one little gem.

Even though sometimes I want my troops to spawn a group at once when the morale is ready like some scroll (I forgot its name LOL :stuck_out_tongue: ). But this feature is NOT like that. It´s different, what I want is summon a group at once, not automatically spawning like this.