Automatic units dispenser

Flare, it can often be annoying and tedious to have to spam units every raid while trying to run and cast spells. I often find myself with full morale and some even goes to waste. So I was wondering if we could set the game to dispense units for us. For example, my typical program might be:

After 0 secs: Arblaster + Repeat

After 1 minute: Arblaster + Cannon + Repeat

After 1min 30min: Mummy + Repeat

If we had the option to set this before every raid, and the option to disable it during raid if things aren’t going according to plan, that would make raiding sooooo much less tedious (:

I think if you hold your finger on the unit button it should send out a constant stream of them as fast as you get the morale up.

Really? o.O I’ll need to try that. But I only have so many hands >.<


that would be great! 

this should be an enable and disable thing since my units are elite knight, archer, and cannon(usually) so if i press it then for example ill have more knights when i need more archers


Then you just hold your finger on Archer button  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah just add an autospam unit by holding down the button you desire ^^  For example i find sometime difficulties on spawning Elite Knights, now for me they are important to raid people in destroying barricades, towers and protect me like a second shield =) And click each millisecond to spawn them for my “fast” regrow of morale it’s a little “annoying”

I guess the coördination of spamming the right unit at the right moment is one of the most important parts of the game. In my opinion it would make it way to easy to raid if there was an auto-spam option.

I agree with Vester, calling the units is part of the attacking experience, it must not be changed because the dispenser would make the offense way too easy.

Use your keyboard to cast spell and summon units. You may have some misclick in the beginning, but it will soon get better.

I’m on iPhone •~•

Me too