Automatic welcome message after joining allaince

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Player that don’t care about the alliance wont care about the message either. We need something that we can use before accepting a member.

Filters on joining if you’re using apply to join has been a long requested feature.  Reputation system seems nice in theory, but probably difficult to implement considering filters aren’t even available.  Messages would also be nice, but the scrolls on current messages and built inbox is kinda small, so I don’t know how that would be implemented without first increasing that or providing more a of scrollback buffer.

Dont steal other players topic.

Not sure if you’re talking to me, but I was replying to MrSchmouck and it was on topic.  Leave this type of comment to the moderators.

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I spoke about sem552 because the same topic (almost) began the day before.

Unless it’s system base I don’t like this. If leaders/general rates players a  lot would vote negatively just base on them leaving. If it’s system based, Where donation and active in war is taken in to effect I think this would be okay. 

Maybe just have a leader and some generals who is real people, and these could show a little imterest in new members and welcome them in person :wink:

A new rank : the recrutor. He has a demand list and can send messages to them. He can accept them or not, but they can’t declare the wars

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The player in alli should be named “A.Ferguson” :grinning:


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I think that an automatic welcome message would be too cold and not a message that come directly from your mind and i think that is much better say hello and welcome personally than be totally passive in front of new entries letting that the automatic message says hi for you.

But, you may not be on line when some one you invite joins.  

Having some kind of message board for communication or rules would be nice. Something private for the alliance members only.

and someting like this , will be nice to

@oPelle, the goal of a message is not to replace the interaction with alliance members, its meant as a information memo for an alliance, can be helpful when no alliance member is online, and give a bit of direction/idea/alliance"culture"  to a player.

I do see your point of it not serving any purpose and it begin just another bit of information to click away.

I do think It will add value. I missed it when I joined an alliance for the first time, I joined, and nothing happened surprised me. I chatted with some alliance members who also expected something after joining an alliance.

thanks for your videos btw =]