Autoplay and Unit AI ,Statues and kit.

Hi, Just some more thoughts of things that annoy me.

Firstly, I’m 130 Level and play in a top team against the usual suspects, so my kits and heros are maxed out. (гнев of Sir Stuart)

Hero Autoplay Artificial intelligence: Please can you make them less stupid! A few examples, Perseus using his power on medusas, then launching damocles, before it’s struck he uses a third power! wasting all three powers on a weak unit like medusa. Jason, my Jason has 100k Demolition, so he gets to a Charon tower and naturally destroys it quickly? Oh no! He stands there killing spearmen next to the tower thats spitting them out as fast as he can kill them. It’s not rocket science to expect the heros to kill whats a threat, like the towers, or use a power to actually kill a tower (I’m looking at you Nyx towers)

Similarly, the units, I’ve watched many units that can kill a Nyx quickly ignore it, for a small unit, giving the tower time to turn them, or worst still ,marching straight past when nothing else is on the screen! How is this right? surely you can give the units enough AI to kill what is it’s biggest threat.

Nyx towers, Please please do something about them! one tower can stop your entire army, forcing you to stand there killing it with three damocles…

Similarly Blessed Sirens, often 2 or 3 will hold up your entire army, again, that can’t be right.

Overpowered Statues: I’ve lost count how many Perseus Statues are out there that won’t die,ever! You can send whatever you want at them, they just never die, often not even taking damage (And yes, my Statue is almost at that level now too) Again this isn’t helping the game and I hate to use the “N” word, but they need Nerfing!

Finally Kit…I know it’s a common subject, but lack of decent kit at my level can and does make a huge difference, Uniques are either rare for some (Me, I’ve one decent one, 4 in total, 2 of which are copies, and I’ve been playing the game since it’s start!) or they are pointless.

A means to forge useless titan items or to boost already maxed, but decent kit to help boost your heros. Why not let us forge all 5 star titan items every time you go up a level?  Or, a means to change values of something, i mean select 2 items to forge to give another item a new power? So you use two Lightning resistant shields to forge to a Fire resistant shield to give you one, boosted Lightning resistant shield, this would obviously only apply to maxed kit.

Maybe even trade items within your alliance, but only when you’ve donated a certain amount or been a member for so long, promotion loyalty.




Hi @StuartMc1

I could not agree more on this. I always thought immoral Perseus defender are used by top 1000 players and at Ascension level 120 or + but no I was wrong I met such so many such Peruses even at low Ascension level of 90.I always lose to such statue if I fight it but now I am only using Artemis electric combos or Hades on Soul steroid to fight such pesky statutes or simply ignoring them and destroying gate of Apollo.



Overpowered defenders are indeed eternal trouble, but I would like to share my thoughts on autoplay here, I usually ap with Helen, and it’s same with her, first she uses all her 3 powers and then she would use her main power, why? You think less the army, more are the chances of winning? and autoplay always uses powers on Hydra tower wasting them completely, why? and Helen uses Pheme on the first barricade she encounters, how exactly does it help her, Pheme can’t even stop Phalanx wall’s spears, so completely waste of the power which takes so much time to recharge, autoplay does some seriously annoying things, please improve some obvious things about it.

And I was wondering if there is a limit to how much you can enhance a tower/power/troop @CaptainMorgan because there are some really annoying defenses, and are the chances to get Apple of Discord lowest of all the uniques because I’ve seen so many people getting uniques but none of them golden Apple?

Thumbs up to this post. I agree with kind of tweaking autoplay so that the heroes and units are not so stupid.

Autoplay is stupid, but I use only it.  If I can’t win on autplay - I’m too weak and need to upgrade. 

Simply i agree all… 

CaptainMorgan liked his post so I guess we’ll be seeing some changes with the autoplay. :wink:

True so true about AI problem. I remember when I was Ascension 105 and never use Auto Play (Maybe just with Helen of Troy she was insane at 50% cooldown and enhance spells at 10%) 

The main reason why at high level is really hard to use auto play its because the computer focus too much on useless stuffs. Like come back behind if a enemy have past to help your huge army who don’t need it or if a tower have still up. The others problem is the AI don’t know how to fight fast. Just to accomplish the half of the base can take all the time for the computer.

When I play in manual mode that was so easy with Perseus,Helen of Troy or Hercule. Just form a huge army and go directly at the gate and destroy the defender during the time your army destroy all behind. At 80% I winning with over 1 minutes

The AI should know if they have summon enough army then just go ahead but not too much far alone

The other problem who make me swear a lots in this game was when in auto play the computer decide to do the inverse. ignore all behind and go alone fight all like if their was invincible and indestructible in middle of 5 or 6 towers and many waves of troops. Happen so often with Ariadne. Go ahead alone and die so many times.

but like mentioned the most frustrating is AI waste all power on just a little spearman or medusa and after arrive Minotaur or Cyclop and no power available

So the AI must be improve a little bit.

Very well said bro.

I wouldnt mind if AP was a *little* bit less dumb, like artemis and ajax firing powers off into nowhere repeatedly, but it shouldn’t be OP compared to playing manual. It was like that at launch and was sorta bad.

Auto play is meant to be stupid. Smart auto play are only for those who are too dumb to actually play the game.

I agree with this.

My device lags when I play manually. *cries*

the trebuchets are a penalty, they are really too idiots, or they kill the units ignoring the nyx towers and they are converted one after the other or when they decide to attack a structure they go to put near the towers of Iapetus, and they are destroyed in a secondly, it is like having an empty unit slot

it’s a fraud, it’s a subtle system 

I think they’re one of the best units in the game?

like seriously, I use them with every single hero every time I attack. They work fine.  I have them buffed a little from the odyssey, but not crazy. 

are you using defense mode when you’re around fire towers? If you’re not that’s probably why yours are dying. 

stop defending the indefensible, long ago I also put the screens that showed how the trebuchets ignored nyx and even you accused me of having done on purpose to lose, as if I had control of the trebuchets, it’s pathetic. I invite the players to try if it is true or it is not true that the trebuchets ignore nyx, try to call 6-7 and you will see that 1 trebuchet attacks nyx while the others the ignore and immediately after the other trebuchets start to attack the trebuchet converted with the result of having all 6-7 converted trebuchets. Also observe how the trebuchets go to put near the towers of Iapetus to be burned in a few seconds





Agreed Dumpster,Really Love to use trebuchets on every raid and I too use it with my every hero as it is the only unit in the entire game that can attack long range Nyxs towers but then again they actually acts wierd on autoplay .So I have to play the game manually.

Bro ,I absolutely agree with you on this but then again developers are doing this on purpose.If trebuchets are given intelligent AI then it will nerf the Nxys towers completely.

I know it sound harsh but developers have no choice but to make units ignore nyxs towers.I am talking about Every kind of unit like Griffin or Cyclops(that can attack Nyxs tower eaisly) but choose to ignore it completely and attack other units.So Your only chance of destroying it quickly is to use your own hero Spells.

Players like @dumpster and @AK47NAPChave said this many times on the forum and Unfortunately they are correct about Nyxs towers.

(P.S. I hate Nyxs Tower @vasudeva1 just like you my friend,they are annoying and If I ever lose a battle that is because I get delayed by a carefully placed Nyxs tower on a defense layout.

In the end a player has to figure out a way to deal with Nyxs tower and fortunately after losing so many battles against bases that uses Nyxs towers in helios light+ Lapetos towers or Paris tower,I know how to deal with nyxs towers???) 

I have actually been around during the discussion. The point @dumpster and others made back then was that since Nyx is on the other pass, you had to use defensive mode to “force” trebuchets to attack it over doing other things. The issue here is that the AI prefers targets with the greatest “threat” and threat is based on dmg they do. Nyx and Charon’s do precisely 0 damage, so they are very close to being threatless for trebuchets. Defensive mode shifts the priorities a bit by lowering the incoming damage and threat levels of other things, but this is by no means a solution.

Now, although I prefer to oppose dumpsters defense of flawed features in most cases, this time I would say he actually has a pint. Trebs work great in most cases, and if your heroes are built right, Nyx is not a roadblock but merely an obstacle. With this said, AM usually fails on them, so you have to micro your army in this case. Hence, should the AI be tweaked in this case, the entire philosophy of OR battling should be morphed first, as smart AI is simply inconsistent with it. Sad to say, but I doubt this is something the devs have on the radar.


@dumpster is not completely wrong, what I ask is a middle ground, today the trebuchets are not only useless but block the entire aramata as the units that are called after as long as they waste time destroying the converted trebuchets are also converted. and you find yourself doing the paths with the hero alone.